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Telemundo Puts Reporter on Leave Over Relationship With Los Angeles Mayor (LA Times July 06, 07) She needs to move to another City (BSR)

BS Ranch Perspective

It is the thought that the Telemundo Home Wrecker should be on Leave while they find another city that she can be a Reporter in. There is no way that she can be an Objective Reporter while she is thinking of what is going on in the pants of Mayor Villaraigosa!
Part of Mayor Vellaraigosa's Political Relationship with the People that he ran to Represent for the city of Los Angeles was the Trust in the Family that he had built over the last 20 years. Now a Reporter comes in and is assigned to report on his whereabouts and she finds herself in his pants, bringing his Marriage down.

I am a Full Believer that Mayor Villaraigosa has violated that Trust with the People that he Represented, NOT SO MUCH BECASE HE HAD AN AFFAIR, BUT BECAUSE HE TRIED TO HIDE IT FROM THE CITY AND THE PEOPLE THAT HE REPRESENTS!

I am of the belief that Salinas should find another City to work in and Call Off this Affair with the Mayor! If this Continues, How can we believe her stories are objective, and that she is not taking the people that she is covering to BED! just to get what she wants!!
After all it is a VERY hard title to Carry with you, but Salinas is carrying it well so far. HOME WRECKER!

When a man and a woman want to get together, and they cannot wait for the Man to End his Relationship with is Family, and the Public that he Serves, so that everything is up Front, and Personal! Everyone will understand better and the Trust that he has built with the people will not have been broken. But to just blindly jump into the sack like he was a 14 to 17 year old boy with no control over himself!! I guess Villaraigosa is just to blind to see what he has at home.

BS Ranch

Telemundo Puts Reporter on Leave Over Relationship With Los Angeles Mayor

07/06/2007 --

Spanish-language network Telemundo has placed a newscaster on leave while it investigates whether her romantic relationship with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa breached journalistic ethics, TV station KVEA said Thursday.

The Telemundo affiliate announced the probe two days after Villaraigosa, whose wife has filed for divorce, acknowledged he had been in an extramarital affair with newswoman Mirthala Salinas for about a year.

"We will conduct this investigation with the utmost respect to personal privacy and journalistic standards," said Manuel Abud, the station's general manager.

The mayor's office had no comment, Villaraigosa spokesman Sean Clegg said.

Salinas said in a statement that she would cooperate with the investigation. She said, "I am confident that when all the facts are analyzed it will be clear that I conducted myself in an appropriate way."

Salinas once covered the mayor as a political reporter. Telemundo took her off the political beat about 11 months ago after she disclosed her relationship to station management, the mayor has said.

Still, as the station's news anchor, Salinas read an on-air report last month on the mayor's separation from his wife. At the time, Villaraigosa declined to say whether he was involved with another woman.

"It's a little late, but good for them," said Kelly McBride, ethics group leader at the Poynter Institute, a journalism foundation in St. Petersburg, Fla.

McBride said the station should bring in an outside expert to help conduct a probe. She said it should have been conducted when station managers first learned of her involvement with the mayor.

Any investigation must also ask what role her managers played, McBride said.

"The investigation should include not just what stories did she influence, but who knew and when did they know and what were their decisions," McBride said.

Since confirming his romantic relationship with Salinas at a news conference Tuesday, Villaraigosa has all but disappeared.

The famously ubiquitous mayor had no public appearances on July Fourth. He even skipped the official opening of New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign headquarters in Los Angeles, even though he is a national co-chair of the Democrat's campaign.

He had no events Thursday, and is not expected to appear in public until next week.

The mayor "deserves a few days' vacation during a holiday week to attend to personal and family matters," Clegg said.

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