Sunday, July 08, 2007

Fierce Battles Break Our Around Afghanistan

Fierce battles break out around Afghanistan

Fierce fighting broke out around Afghanistan on Friday, with battles in three separate regions killing more than 100 militants, part of a cycle of rapidly rising violence five years into the U.S.-led effort to defeat the Taliban.

The governor of northeastern Kunar province said villagers claimed that airstrikes had killed dozens of civilians, though he said he could not confirm the report.

U.S.-led coalition and NATO spokesmen on Friday emphasized that ground commanders had evaluated the terrain to prevent civilian casualties, though Kunar Gov. Shalizai Dedar said villagers reported 10 civilians were killed in an initial airstrike, and that a second strike killed about 30 people who were trying to bury the dead.

Dedar said around 60 militants died in the battle.


BS Ranch Perspective:

It is about time that we hear something from Afghanistan, but I am happy to hear that the only people that were Killed were that of Militants and not our troops, that is the way that it should go according to the liberal side of the Isle, they don't believe that fighting in a war can equal the loss of any American life, but I have to differ with them by looking at the numbers of the Conflict in Iraq. However, if you look at those losses, they are nothing compared to the wars in the past that the Liberals want us to cling to and compare this war to, we lost three times the amount in one day that we have lost total in the Iraq conflict! However I know that the loss of life is hard to take.

After all My friend here in Rialto lost his Son, My Nephew has just been deployed to Iraq, There has been 21 lost in July total, and that is way to many, But in the style of fighting that they are doing these days those numbers are a fraction of what they used to be!!

BS Ranch

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