Photo Gallery: Polishing Up The 210

Are we there yet?

Almost, according to officials with San Bernardino Associated Governments.

The last leg of the 210 Freeway extension is expected to open by the end of the month, linking the 210 to the 215 and 30 freeways at last.

But first, the final flourishes must be dabbed on the canvas.

Or, rather, stripes must be painted on the pavement.

That means that part of the freeway that's open - a stretch between Citrus Avenue in Fontana and Alder Avenue in Rialto - must be closed so workers can paint new lane markings.


Emilio Guillan of Atkinson Construction washes away skid marks from the westbound lanes of the 210 Freeway near Riverside Avenue in Rialto on Saturday. Workers removed old signs, painted white stripes and cleaned portions of the nearly completed freeway expected to open by August. (Gabriel Luis Acosta/Staff Photographer)
closure began at 9 p.m. Friday and will last until 2 a.m. Monday.

Sanbag project manager Jim Beers noted that the heavy-duty work on the freeway extension has wrapped up and basically all that's left on the freeway's to-do list are lane markings, guard rails, road signs and other trimmings.

"We're eager to get it open, believe me," Beers said.

The new stretch of the 210 will connect with the 30. Once all the roadblocks are removed, drivers will have a direct route from Redlandis to Pasadena to the north San Fernando Valley.

The 210 extension will have interchanges at Alder Avenue, Ayala Drive, Riverside Avenue and State Street.


BS Ranch Perspective

Beers said, that they are eager to open the Freeway to the public, However there was a "Rumor" in another Paper, on an earlier date that they were thinking about opening it on Thursday!! That would make it July, 20th, 2007...I would say that would be great, and super to boot, they want to open it up at the end of this month, and it would be great if they could open it up by the end of this month and not the end of next month!!

BS Ranch