Sunday, July 08, 2007

San Diego Crews are on their way to Assist in INYO County Fire in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Local crews to assist in Sierra fires

INYO COUNTY - Three strike teams from San Diego County are headed north to help crews battle several wildfires burning out of control in the Eastern Sierra today.

Lightening storms last night ignited at least 10 fires near Highway 395 in Inyo County.

The blazes, dubbed the Inyo Complex Fire, have scorched 12,000 acres so far, according to Cal Fire.

This morning, the three largest fires were the Oak Fire, burning northwest of Independence; the Seven Fire, also burning northwest of Independence; and the Sage Fire, burning in Big Pine Canyon.
BS Ranch Perspective
The Inyo Complex Fire is going to be a difficult fire to fight, the small valleys and gullies there along with the fire will start to make it's own wind and force embers out into the brush 25 to 100' away from that burn or beyond that fire line that was build to keep the fire in. The Sierra's is a Tricky Place to fight fire, Independence is in such a location that if the Fire turns and burns down into the floor of the valley, then it will take some of the Beautiful homes that were built back along time ago, I do hope that they are able to keep the fire from coming down the hill.
Back when I was on the Bishop Volunteer Fire Department, We spent a whole Four days in Independence and we were worried back then that the fire that we were fighting was going to come down the hill from the Sierra's and into the homes, but back then we were able to keep the fire up in the hills of the Sierra's and not down into the Valley, it was a hard Stubborn Fire, and the people of Independence was very Grateful to us for the fighting that we did to save their homes.
I know that the Fight is the same today, to keep the Fire from the homes, and I pray that they are able to do so. Not just that they are able to, but that they are able to safely, and that they can do that with no loss of life or accidents that will make anyone have any accidents or any life lost. There is no reason for life loss in a Fire where there is no Structure Threat. I hope that this is the case in this fire.
GOD SPEED my Fire Companions, Get that fire out!! God Speed for safety, and no injuries.
BS Ranch

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