Wednesday, July 04, 2007

3 Part Plan to Rialto Police Plan (SB Sun 07012007)

3 parts to Rialto police plan

As part of a new policing model launched last Sunday, called the area command program, the Rialto Police Department has assigned a lieutenant to each of three areas in the city.

With lieutenants responsible for specific areas, police expect better coverage and greater accountability in those areas. The plan also enables officers to form strong relationships with residents in each area, the department says.

The lieutenants will be able to marshal resources from the Police Department and other city departments to tackle problems in their areas.

"It's basically a modern policing model for a new era for Rialto," said Police Chief Mark Kling.

- Jason Pesick

BS Ranch Perspective:

This is modeled after what San Bernardino did, they placed either Lt's in Charge of Sectors, and the Lt's broke their Sector's into Beats and the Officers worked their Beats within their Sectors, and it worked great. So in this model for example, they would spit the Three Sectors in two to each have two Beats, so they should have two officers in each area. Ontario Police Does this pattern and so does Santa Ana Police Department, so This is not a new Method of Patrol, however it is an Effective one!! With each Lt. in charge of their area comes accountability, the only thing that works independent of those areas is the Specialized Divisions Such as Traffic, Investigations, and Rialto's New Version of what was Originally Known as SCAT (Street Crime Attack Team) Formerly Called SIT (Special Investigation Team) However now they have a different acronym to make them sound better then SIT, to many jokes comes from that name.

This Change is Great and Chief Mark Kling is doing another great thing with Rialto Police Department,

That is my thoughts on this matter any way,

BS Ranch

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