Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Names On The Way (SB SUN July 30, 2007 ) Rialto Changes at Least Two Street Names

New names on the way

RIALTO - Two streets in Rialto should get renamed soon.

Last week, the Planning Commission voted to rename parts of Shamrock and Jackson streets in a housing development called Elm Park. The 132 new homes will be located at Cactus Avenue and Base Line. The streets' new names will be Washington Street, Elm Park Avenue and Kennedy Street.
Why the new names? The current names carry a negative connotation, Associate Planner Christina Taylor said at the meeting.
BS Ranch Perspective
Changing the name of the City Street does not Erase the negative Connections that have happened there, they are & always will be there for the generations to come! As long as there are people to tell stories and people to Pass on the word from one to another, the history of a "Street" no matter what the name of the street, the Geography, or the place that the incident occurred, they will remember that the violence happened there.
Is this Rialto Planning Idea to hurry and make things normal for Jackson and Shamrock, and if so Why didn't they do this before with the 200 Block of N. Glenwood Ave. when they Closed it down with the Private Street, and the apartment complex that was closed off and sold to the Non-Profit Organization. I guess Shamrock, and Jackson are going to be sold to the same.
I Think that the change of a Street Name and the like to try to Erase a bad Incident that occurred there is a rotten Idea, those incidents happened and they should be remembered, for everyone, and the city. They are part of the history of the city and they need to be remembered. If anything so that they would not be repeated, or at least an attempt by the Police and the people that live there that they would not be repeated.
BS Ranch

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