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LAPD Investigating 2 Officer-Involved Shootings..LA Times July 19, 2007

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It seems to this writer that the attacks and assaults on Police Officers are up in Southern California. If you take the statistics for LAPD's Officer Involved Shootings and the amount of Officers that have been injured by gunfire from assaults from
Suspects, has drastically risen from last year, especially since you consider that we have just crossed the half way point to the year, and LAPD is already over the TOTAL Officers injured by Gunshot Assaults This Year considered for all of last year. Fourteen (14) Officers have been shot and Injured by Suspects so far this year. There are Five (5) months left to the year, when you consider that there was only Nine (9) Injuries Last year by Suspects Assaulting Officers by gunfire for all of last year!!

I wonder what is the cause for the increased gun shot Assaults, is it that the Officers have more power in their Search and Seizure and they have more ability to search and when they get close to the gun that might be concealed they pull it and use it fearing nothing since if they are caught with the gun it is considered to be a violation of probation or a third strike on the probation.

There really is no telling why the Modern Suspect is using their gun more other then they are trying to make a name for themselves in their gang and they actually are after a kill when they shoot the Officer.

So Far we are lucky and there is only 14 Injuries and not 14 Deaths, or even one death from the gunfire of these assaults. I suppose that there was an Officer that has lost their life by Gunfire, but was not mentioned in this report, and if that was the fact I am sorry, and I will pray for all that have been involved in the call for service and I pray that all the Police Officers were able to keep doing their job and not have to retire due to the medical aspect of their injury.

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LAPD investigating 2 officer-involved shootings

By Andrew Blankstein, Times Staff Writer
9:15 AM PDT, July 19, 2007

Los Angeles police are investigating two officer-involved shootings that occurred several hours apart on the Westside and the northeast areas of the city, authorities said today.

The first incident occurred about 9:50 p.m. Wednesday when two officers witnessed an exchange of gunfire between a man and a juvenile while on patrol at Venice Boulevard and Cattaraugus Avenue in the South Robertson area, authorities said.

One suspect fired in the direction of the officers, prompting them to return fire, wounding the unidentified juvenile, who was in critical condition. The man fled and is still at large.

Police later discovered an unidentified man in the neighborhood who had apparently been shot earlier. He was taken to a local hospital but his condition was not immediately available.

The second officer-related shooting occurred at San Fernando Road and Fletcher Drive shortly before 2 a.m. today.

Lt. Ruben De La Torre said that Northeast patrol officers had pulled into a Chevron gas station when they noticed a man walking with a shotgun. The officers "deployed on him, leading to an officer involved shooting," De La Torre said.

Preliminary reports were that the man, who was shot in the leg, had not robbed the gas station, and it was unclear if he had aborted his attempt or was simply walking around with the weapon. The suspect's name and condition were not disclosed.

The LAPD's Force Investigation Division is investigation the shootings. No officers were hurt in either incident.

Police said 14 of its officers have been shot at so far this year, compared with nine for all of last year.

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