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Rialto Police Department No Stranger to Turmoil (Press Enterprise, Oct. 19, 2007)

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You know that I have been with Rialto Police Department since the beginning of 1988, and back then the Police Department was in minor Turmoil compared to what happened shortly after Edward Scott was Elected into Office. between the antics that he stirred up with his pen, and his voice at the meetings, and you know as long as I can remember he would aways say that it was never anything that he did, it was aways something that he was "forced to do" because of something that somebody on the Police Department with whom Ed Scott always pointed out, at the City Council Meetings. There for a while it was Then Raymond Farmer's Fault, & Ed Scott's plan was that Chief Farmer had to loose his job!! It was then that, we the people at Rialto Police Department were educated on what kind of a person Ed Scott was back then!! Raymond Farmer Sued "Wrongful Termination" & asked for his job back!!

It was only a short Two weeks or maybe it was three that the outcome of the Investigation on the City Council's Investigation was done. Chief Raymond Farmer, Won his case, and earned the right to be called Chief of Police for Rialto PD again, but to save FACE, The Rialto City Council got together and, asked and begged Chief Farmer to Take the following Deal and save them the heart of having to confuse the Idea of the People at Rialto Police Department, Learning to call him, Their Direct Boss again.

Chief Farmer was asked to take a "Golden Handshake Retirement" He would be paid to be a consultant to the City Administrator for the remainder of his Contract as Police Chief, and he Would also be allowed to Drive a City Automobile with a City Mobile phone (Which was very expensive back then).  Chief Farmer would take a Settlement also for the golden Handshake in the amount of one years Salary, with no taxes removed, and well it was just to much not to pass up. I mean it isn't often that you are offered a Car to drive for a year, all gas & Auto mechanics paid for, and you get a sum of cash that is estimated to equal almost 1/4 of a million dollars or $250, 000.00. I would have taken the cash too, No responsibilities, Oh, and they would pay full medical, and give a full retirement as well, even though you were a few years out from your retirement age!!! Chief Raymond took the deal I don't blame him, and in the end, Rialto was considered to the be losers, and well they viewed it as they were the winners, I cannot figure out the way that they work. But I am just a young adult....

Ever since then, when Ed Scott has been in office there has been turmoil in the City Police Department! There is a reliable Roomer that has been coming down these days that the Fire Department is now under the same weird Scrutiny, and there isn't any end in sight!! I guess there has to be an unwritten rule with the Police Department with problems or the Fire Department has problems, but either way, it is one or the other, Now that the Police Department is in order the Rialto Fire Department is Taking it in the Back side!!!

BS Ranch

Rialto Police Department no stranger to turmoil

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07:40 AM PDT on Friday, October 19, 2007
The Press-Enterprise

Thursday's shooting death of Officer Sergio Carrera Jr., a four-year veteran assigned to the SWAT team, was a tragic loss to the 112-officer department, which had been enjoying a rebirth since city leaders decided not to disband it.

After dropping to as few as 87 members, the department is now just three officers away from returning to full strength, Chief Mark Kling told the City Council this month in introducing the latest two recruits.

"The department has really blossomed," said Fontana City Councilman Frank Scialdone, who served as Rialto's interim police chief for nine months, until Kling took office in August 2006. "Chief Kling came in and he's doing a fabulous job."

The City Council hired Scialdone, who retired as Fontana's police chief in 2004 after a 31-year career there, in December 2005 with the intention that he would guide the Rialto department's transition to being run by the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department. Two years earlier, San Bernardino County Sheriff Gary Penrod had told the council that the city could save $3.2 million if it contracted with his department.

The council's vote to disband the Police Department came in September 2005, less than a month after the police union gave Chief Michael Meyers and Deputy Chief Arthur Burgess a vote of no confidence. Officers complained that they had to fight to get updated equipment, and union officials described the pair as disengaged and intolerant of people who disagreed with them.

Scialdone remembered the tumultuous days after the decision to dissolve a police force that had been established in 1911, the same year Rialto became a city.

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Kurt Miller / The Press-Enterprise
Serafin Dimas delivers flowers to the Rialto Police Department as Liz Rocha opens the door to help. Flags outside the building are flying at half-staff in honor of Officer Sergio Carrera Jr.

"The first week we were there, we had six officers leave to go to Riverside P.D.," Scialdone recalled Thursday. The Rialto Police Department had "tons of great employees who felt stymied," he said.

But in March 2006, city leaders did an about-face, deciding to keep the Police Department.

"Then we had to go in a 180-degree direction," Scialdone said. His task became one of rebuilding the police force.

"The department has made a transformation from when I got there in December 2005 to today," he said.

"When we got there, there was no gang unit. This was at the time that San Bernardino had just started their big gang push," he said. "Where are (gang members) going to go if you push them out of one place? They'll go someplace else."

And that gang migration came straight to Rialto, Scialdone said.

Scialdone gave credit for the improvements to a more harmonious relationship between the police union and police management, and a better working relationship between the police department and the rest of the city government.

"There was a huge amount of animosity between the union and the former (police) administration," Scialdone said. "When we went to Rialto, the police department was an island. It didn't get along with anybody."

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SEPTEMBER 2005: Rialto City Council votes to disband the Rialto Police Department and contract with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department.

OCTOBER 2005: Residents and police employees start a petition asking that residents be allowed to vote on the issue.

NOVEMBER 2005: Residents launch a recall effort against two City Council members who had advocated contracting with the Sheriff's Department.

DECEMBER 2005: The city appoints Councilman Frank Scialdone as interim police chief; Chief Michael Meyers and Deputy Chief Arthur Burgess retire.

March 2006: City Council ends its efforts to disband the police department.

MAY 2006: Council approves contract with police union.

AUGUST 2006: Mark Kling is sworn in as Rialto police chief.


According to the Web page of California Peace Officers' Memorial in Sacramento, these are the Inland-area officers who have been killed, both on duty and off. For more information, visit, The latest death was added from news reports.

Officer John Baird, Riverside Police Department, Jan. 1, 1912

Officer Del MacIntyre, Riverside police, Jan. 1, 1912

Marshal Grant C. Alexander, Corona Police Department, Dec. 22, 1913

Officer Ralph Maple, Colton Police Department, Sept. 16, 1916

Deputy Henry F. Nelson, Riverside County Sheriff's Department, Sept. 22, 1921

Deputy Theodore Crossley, Riverside County sheriff, Sept. 22, 1921

Officer George E. Estes, Colton police, April 13, 1923

CHP Officer Jack E. Marks, San Bernardino, April 11, 1933

CHP Officer Oscar D. McMurry, San Bernardino, March 5, 1934

Officer Henry F. "Dinty" Moore, San Bernardino Police Department, Jan. 1, 1937

Officer Clinton Burtner, Riverside police, Jan. 1, 1938

Officer Edward Bertino, Riverside police, Jan. 1, 1940

Officer Edwin A. Blakely, San Bernardino police, Jan. 3, 1942

Officer Arthur Simpson, Riverside police, Jan. 1, 1944

Officer Frank A. Rogers, San Bernardino police, Sept. 27, 1947

Officer Harris R. McCullough, San Bernardino police, Sept. 29, 1947

Officer Bernard Green, Ontario Police Deptarment, June 14, 1951

CHP Officer John W. Armatoski, Barstow, May 1, 1953

Reserve Officer Louis Dulisse, Ontario police, March 17, 1954

Deputy Howard R. Scheffler, Riverside County sheriff, Feb. 29, 1956

CHP Officer Raymond A. Geiger, Riverside, Aug. 10, 1956

Detective Russell G. Grower, Ontario police, Feb. 2, 1958

Deputy Billy R. Heckle, San Bernardino County sheriff, Jan. 1, 1960

CHP Officer Richard D. Duvall, Victorville, Feb. 23, 1960

Officer Gale G. Eldridge, Palm Springs Police Department, Jan. 18, 1961

Deputy Roger A. Strong, Riverside County sheriff, Aug. 7, 1961

Officer Lyle W. Larrabee, Palm Springs police, Jan. 1, 1962

CHP Officer Ronald E. Davis, Barstow, Aug. 18, 1962

CHP Officer William C. Isaacs, San Bernardino, Aug. 25, 1966

Sgt. William J. Rutledge, Riverside County sheriff, May 14, 1969

Investigator William F. Carter, Riverside County sheriff, May 20, 1969

CHP Officer Ambers O. Shewmaker, Banning, Nov. 24, 1969

Sgt. Darrell Keith Lee, Rialto police, July 24, 1970

Officer Paul C. Teel, Riverside police, April 2, 1971

Officer Leonard A. Christiansen, Riverside police, April 2, 1971

Lt. Alfred E. Stewart, San Bernardino County sheriff, March 9, 1973

CHP Officer Larry L. Wetterling, San Bernardino, March 9, 1973

Officer William C. Prettyman, Riverside police, Dec. 12, 1973

Deputy Edward M. Schrader, Riverside County sheriff, July 1, 1974

Officer Larry E. Walters, Riverside police, Nov. 13, 1974

Deputy Frank M. Pribble, San Bernardino County sheriff, July 6, 1975

Officer Richard M. Hyche, Ontario police, Oct. 15, 1975

CHP Officer Edward Parker III, Riverside, May 2, 1977

Deputy James B. Evans, Riverside County sheriff, May 9, 1980

Deputy Dirk A. Leonardson, Riverside County sheriff, Oct. 4, 1980

CHP Officer George R. Carey, Barstow, Feb. 24, 1982

CHP Officer Kenneth L. Archer, Barstow Feb. 24, 1982

Officer Dennis C. Doty, Riverside police, May 13, 1982

Officer Philip N. Trust, Riverside police, May 13, 1982

Investigator Michael O. Lewis, San Bernardino County district attorney's office, March 30, 1985

Deputy Clifford E. Sanchez, San Bernardino County sheriff, April 6, 1985

Sgt. Gary W. Wolfley, Rialto police, March 3, 1986

Deputy Donald James De Meulle, San Bernardino County sheriff, July 31, 1986

Sgt. Timothy Littlefield, San Bernardino police, Sept. 14, 1986

Deputy Keith B. Farley, San Bernardino County sheriff, April 12, 1987

CHP Officer Michael A. Brandt, Indio, May 6, 1987

Investigator Michael D. Davis, Riverside County sheriff, Oct. 24, 1988

David Vasquez, Cathedral City police, Oct. 28, 1988

Deputy Randy R. Lutz, Riverside County sheriff, June 22, 1989

Deputy Kent A. Hintergardt, Riverside County sheriff, May 9, 1993

CHP Officer Larry J. Jaramillo, San Bernardino, June 22, 1993

Deputy Russell Roberts, San Bernardino County sheriff, Sept. 16, 1995

CHP Officer Reuben F. Rios Sr., San Bernardino, Oct. 27, 1996

Deputy Michael P. Haugen, Riverside County sheriff, Jan. 5, 1997

Deputy James W. Lehmann Jr., Riverside County sheriff, Jan. 5, 1997

CHP Officer Saul Martinez, Indio, May 16, 1997

CHP Officer Daniel J. Muehlhausen, Indio, June 1, 1997

Officer Claire N. Connelly, Riverside police, July 12, 1998

Deputy Eric A. Thach, Riverside County sheriff, Oct. 8, 1999

Officer Russell M. Miller Sr., Chino police, Feb. 1, 2000

Officer Gerald Silvestri, San Bernardino police, Oct. 15, 2000

Detective Charles D. Jacobs III, Riverside police, Jan. 13, 2001

Deputy Brent C. Jenkins, Riverside County sheriff, March 18, 2003

Deputy Bruce K. Lee, Riverside County sheriff, May 13, 2003

CHP Officer Shannon L. Distel, Riverside, Aug. 27, 2003

CHP Officer James M. Goodman, San Bernardino, June 3, 2004

Deputy Ronald W. Ives, San Bernardino County sheriff, Sept. 1, 2004

Officer Manuel A. Gonzalez, California Department of Corrections, Chino, Jan. 10, 2005

Deputy Greg Gariepy, San Bernardino County sheriff, June 22, 2005

Deputy Daniel Lobo Jr., San Bernardino County sheriff, Oct. 11, 2005

CHP Officer G. John Bailey, Rancho Cucamonga, Feb. 25, 2006

Deputy Manuel Villegas, Riverside County sheriff, March 19, 2007

Officer Sergio Carrera, Jr., Rialto police, Oct. 18, 2007

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