Monday, October 15, 2007

K-9 Against Crime (SB Sun 10-1307) It is good that Rialto is back up to Four K-9 Teams!!

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It is wonderful to see that Rialto is coming back to the strength that it once was. Back in 1996, and leading into 1997, when I was assigned to the Rialto Traffic Division as a Motorcycle Officer. There was 4 K-9 Position's on Rialto Police Department. When Chief Michael Meyers took control of the Rialto Police Department. But then when there was a "Vote of "NO Confidence""  that came from the Rialto Police Benefit Association.  What I figure is that the K-9 that was cut to reduce the Unit down to 3 teams was when the City Council, and City Administration along with the City's Attorney Owens to cut everything that can be cut to make the people that were working there loyal employee's flee to make their job harder..  Make Everything that they did, Patrol, Traffic, Everything harder, double time!!

It almost worked, They Cut all the Probationary Employee's such as the well needed Emergency Dispatcher's and forced the City's Dispatch Supervisor going to other people within the department to ask for people that were trained to answer emergency phone calls, Lucky for the city that there was one Well Trained Emergency Dispatcher with 15+ years experience who was assigned as a Law Enforcement Technician (What used to be called Community Service Officer Before it was changed by ex chief Meyers). Along with another L.E.T. who had Emergency 9-1-1 Call Answering Experience!!

Per the Lieutenant they pulled the two L.E.T's from their positions and asked them to fill those Emergency Dispatcher positions for a short time until they hire and fill the positions that were lost when the Employee's that were still on probation were dismissed.   THE TWO LAW ENFORCEMENT TECHNITIONS ARE STILL TEMPERARY RE-ASSIGNED TO THE EMERGENCY DISPATCH POSITION, EVEN THOUGH IT HAS BEEN ALMOST 1.5 YEARS NOW, AND THERE ISN'T AN END IN SIGHT.

Rialto Police has only RUMORS that there is a Dispatcher that will be hired soon, other then that there isn't any news when the people that normally take reports to provide relief to the patrol Officer so that he can concentrate on active in progress crimes, are stuck now working on the paper crimes and reports that the L.E.T.'s would have been taking for them.

I knew that the Officer's Positions would take a Great deal longer to fill then many of the other positions, but the Emergency Dispatch Position that are trained internally by the other Emergency Dispatchers, to handle the calls before they go to the 9-1-1 Dispatcher's Academy, but when they are off of their training and working alone the two L.E.T.'s that have been Reassigned can go back to their assigned to their original jobs, and back to their original Lives!!

But it is wonderful that they are finally back up to four K-9 Teams, because A City the size of Rialto needs at least Four if not five...

BS Ranch

K-9 against crime

RIALTO - A fourth police-dog team will be riding around town.

The Rialto Police Department will be adding another team, thanks to Friends of Rialto Police K-9's.

Officer Glen Anderson will be the new leader of the team.


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