Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Navistar, United Kingdom Firm join Forces on Humvee bid, (Oct. 09, 2007 Chicago Business News)...

BS Ranch Perspective:

Now you know that we are in a world market when the United Kingdom Firm Throws their hat in on the bidding regarding the replacement for the Humvee!! The Humvee has been and is a great vehicle for the U.S. Military, it was just a little bit light in the under carriage for those Implemented Explosive Devices!! That was their only let down as far as I could see, even with the Re-enforcements that have been done to the floors & undercarriage that was still not enough to make them safe from the Implemented Explosive Devices.

I am sure that the New Vehicles that are currently designed, and ready for production have been already made by the People of Navistar International Corporation. There was a Truck that was similar to that of the Humvee, that carried men, and was designed for Patrol's, then there was many that had a Unit Box on the rear, that held a whole unit!

The bottom of these trucks are Re-enforced to withstand an explosion from a Implemented Explosive Device, and they If they were the same trucks that were designed that were on 60 Minutes they sat in the center o the explosion and the blast just blew up and out from the center, Nothing was harmed or would have been harmed that was riding in the rear of that truck. (I wish I had an example of the trucks that was shown on 60 Minutes for their show) they showed that the Implemented Explosive Device was going off just as the truck was passing over the top of it, and then as it did, and if it was that truck that was shown in 60 Minutes last season then the contract will be going overseas to another one of those Companies that have their main offices located in another Country, and they are traded in the New York Stock Exchange, and yet they have offices in the U.S.A. with manufacturing plants to put together some of their trucks that are sold here in the USA, and well that makes them an Somewhat  An American company, I mean even though Inter-Trash-Pile started over here years ago, and sold many great Auto's and later moved into the trucks category, where they still sold 4X4's into the 70's, however, that was so many years ago!!!


Navistar, U.K. firm join forces on Humvee bid

(Crain's) — Truck and engine maker Navistar International Corp. said Tuesday it's teaming up with British defense contractor BAE Systems to develop a replacement for the U.S. military's iconic Humvee utility truck.

Navistar's International Military and Government subsidiary has been pursuing a Humvee replacement on its own for more than a year, and BAE Systems has developed a prototype for the truck. The companies hope that teaming up will give them a better shot at the multibillion-dollar contract.

Joining forces "will allow us to leverage our combined design strengths and production capabilities to build the next generation of light-armored wheeled tactical vehicles," said Linda Hudson, president of Land & Armaments for BAE Systems.

Other defense contractors are partnering to compete for the Humvee replacement prototype, including South Bend, Ind.-based AM General — the maker of the Humvee — and General Dynamics.

The Pentagon isn't expected to choose a new truck design until after 2010. The contract for the new vehicle will likely be worth several billion dollars, with production extending for several years.

BAE builds the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, an armored personnel carrier with a rotating gun turret. It recently acquired military truck builder Stewart & Stevenson LLC of Houston.

Archie Massicotte, president of Navistar's defense unit, said International's relationship with BAE Systems could extend into BAE's existing military programs, with International supplying engines or other components for vehicles built by BAE.

"You have to constantly be nurturing new relationships," said Mr. Massicotte, who is attending a military hardware trade show in Washington, D.C., this week.

BAE also received a contract this summer to build the military's mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles. International Military received orders to build nearly 2,000 of the special trucks. The contracts are worth more than $1 billion.

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