Sunday, October 14, 2007

Checkpoint Leads to 16 Arrests (Daily Bulletin 100607)

BS Ranch Perspective

These check points are still working! We used to enjoy the first few that we did when they first started and the Case law was set in the way that they were to be set up. But as the time went on we had a certain amount that we had to get done to complete a Law Enforcement Grant to battle Drunk Driving and High Speed Drivers in our City, so we had to keep track of all of our Radar Tickets and we also had to do set up and run a DUI Check Point, one every three weeks, The first ones were great but as time wore on it was a chore, however there was something that happened during the boring times that made them worth the time to have them, so I guess the time was well worth it except the times when I was going on my weekend and getting ready to leave, and my Sergent would order me to work on my Saturday...Mandatory Overtime for the event. Those were not fun!!

My family didn't like it and well I had a great deal of explaining as to why I was not coming for certain birthdays etc etc... 

Well Looking at Fontana's Check point they did a great job and they did a wonderful job, With the Arrests, the Impounds, and well just the over all work that was done, the Statistics were great in this Check point. Either people drive through with just the thought that they are licensed and they are don't have any problems with their seat belts etc etc....  It is just hard to believe that the driver just goes through even though they know that they are driving on a suspended License. or that they have just left a Bar or Saloon and are on there way through the drivers maze they are well caught, Especially if they didn't turn at the designated Escape Route!!

Coming from a Retired Rialto Motorcycle Traffic Officer, I commend the Fontana Traffic Division on a Job Well Done!!!

BS Ranch

Checkpoint leads to 16 arrests

FONTANA - A traffic checkpoint resulted in 16 arrests - eight for driving under the influence and eight for outstanding warrants.

The checkpoint took place from 6 p.m. Saturday until 1 a.m. Sunday on Sierra Avenue, just south of Athol Street. There were 119 vehicles stopped, according to the release.

The California Office of Traffic Safety funded the checkpoint with the goal of stopping drunk-driving crashes and increasing drunk-driving arrests, according to a police news release.

There were 95 vehicles were issued citations for various traffic violations and 85 vehicles impounded.

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