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Fresh-Faced Deputy Sheriff Shoots Dead Six Teenagers in Revenge for 'Break-Up With Girlfriend' ( Wis. Daily Mail Oct. 08, 2007 )

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This is such a difficult subject to write about, but I will give it a go, You know death is such a permanent thing to solve a problem that might take about six months to a year in such a young mans life. The Psychological Testing that the Law Enforcement Officers Take are that if the MMPI (Minnesota Multiple Personalty Index), which is a multiple choice test, that has between 500 & 600 Questions in it (I believe that it is approx. 540 questions or 580 questions I am not sure, it has been approx. 5 years since I had taken the test.).

There are people that get through the test, and the following Interview with the Psychologist, I believe that there might also be some added tests that go along with the MMPI, test that have to do with Depression,  also there is another short one that deals again with the way that you deal with the little emergencies and crisis's that come along and effect our every day lives. Again that doesn't give the Psychologist any way to see into the future to see what is going to happen when a woman that this guy believes that he loves, and she dumps him for another man...

It is hard when anyone gets into Law Enforcement when they are too young, and they really are not Emotionally Ready for such a commitment as Law Enforcement!! This young Deputy was not ready for the world of Law Enforcement and what it brings. Had he known it all he would have done was put that uniform on and gone to work, there is always a Waitress or a Nurse that loves to see a Young man in Uniform!! Back when I started I had girls that were chasing my Police Prowler on calls, & I will never forget the time that I almost shot, Not one but two girls on a prowler call. The girls were not the prowlers, that was done by a Possum, They had chased me to the location and started to follow me around on my area check with a Plate of Home Baked Cookies, They were great, but they were almost shot, and I yelled at them and rightly so...

I also had the biker woman that did the same thing. I was writing reports in a park in my area, when her and her friend happened to find me. When I was telling her to leave me alone as I had a girl Friend that I was dedicated to, She proceeded to take her shirt off and threw it up into the tree. It was all I could to at that time to not arrest her for indecent Exposure, but I realized at that time I am really not a victim of the said crime, so I got into my Patrol Car/Office and motored on and took some calls for service!!

When you are not Mature for the things that you run across in Law Enforcement, then you really have problems or you can have problems. Problems that follow you until you are either fired or you leave because you cannot handle it.

In this case maybe the pressure of Patrol, and now the pressure of what he felt was some kind of invested Relationship was time for him to let go and have everyone out, if he couldn't have the woman, then no one would be entitled to her. How he could be come Homicidal, and instead of being the hunter, he became what all Law Enforcement Officers Dread, and that is becoming the Hunted!! This might explain why, he figured out that he would take his own life!! That way the hunt would be over!!

The whole thing is really a sad deal and no one will know why, anyone does this. Just that it has to take a real personal tie from that woman to push the buttons of that Deputy to lead him on to this kind of an event that he would take not only her life, but the life of the one causing his pain, and then his own life.

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Fresh-faced Deputy Sheriff shoots dead six teenagers in revenge for 'break-up with girlfriend'

Last updated at 10:44am on 8th October 2007 This is the first picture of the fresh-faced policeman who gunned down seven teenagers at a late-night house party in a brutal act apparently motivated by revenge.

Sheriff's deputy Tyler Peterson, 20, "went berserk" after an argument with his girlfriend, according to reports.

Fuelled by anger, he burst into her house in Crandon, Wisconsin, where up to ten teenagers all aged 14 to 20 were enjoying pizza and movies, and opened fire.

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Face of the gunman: Tyler Peterson

Today, six people had been confirmed dead, with one fatality believed to be Peterson's girlfriend, while a seventh was fighting for his life in hospital.

The gunman, who had been at the same school as some of his victims, was eventually brought down by a police sniper after a manhunt.

As news of the shooting filtered through Crandon, which only has 2,000 residents, the community was in shock.

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Shocked: Neighbours comfort each other at the scene

So far, the identity of only one of the dead has been confirmed - 14-year-old Lindsey Stahl.

SWAT member

Armed response: A SWAT team member in action

Her distraught mother Jenny, 39, described how her daughter how phoned her on Saturday night and asked if she could stay at a friend's.

Tragically, her mother agreed.

"I'm waiting for somebody to wake me up right now. This is a bad, bad dream," she said, sobbing.

"All I heard, it was a jealous boyfriend and he went berserk. He took them all out."

Peterson had apparently only been in his job for a week but was not on duty at the time of the shooting.

Crandon police chief John Dennee refused to confirm reports that Peterson was a member of the force's heavily-armed SWAT team.

Describing the bloodbath, neighbour Marci Franz told how he heard shots from the party early on Sunday morning.

He said: "They sounded distant at first and I was wondering if they were gunshots.

"Then I heard another succession of shots and it sounded very close to my house. Then immediately there was the sound of squealing tyres."

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wisconsin map

Crandon is such a small community every family in the town expects to be affected by the shooting

Crandon is about 225 miles north of Milwaukee in an area known for logging, and fishing, hunting and snow-mobiling.

Bud Evans, an elder at the Crandon Praise Chapel, said worried relatives had gathered there as they waited for news.

"They're coming and going. There's probably 100 or more here and I'm sure they're gathered at other places in town as well," he said.

"If there's five or six kids or young adults involved in this, I'd know every one - the community's that small and that tight-knit."

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wisconsin rampage

"This has been a very tragic event," said Forest County supervisor Tom Vollmar. "It's affected probably every family in this community.

"Nobody expected anything like this. I guess nobody anywhere does."

The shooting came six months after the worst gun massacre in U.S. history when Cho Seung-hui killed 32 students and staff at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, Virginia, before turning the weapon on himself.

wisconsin rampage

The neighbourhood where Peterson burst in on a group of young people and opened fire

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