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Minuteman Civil Defense Corps For A More Perfect Union (Minutemen form letter requesting assistance)

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The Following Minutemen Civil Defense Corps Letter is a Heart Warming Letter that Explains that there are actual People that are Hispanic that are part of the Minutemen, and they also don't like it when the Men or Woman of their own Racial make up, are in this Country in Violation of the LAW!! maybe their family roots have been sorted in violation of the law for them to enter the country the same way or they entered the Country in the same way or Maybe their FAMILY ENTERED THE COUNTRY IN THE LEGAL WAY!!!...

See I am not Hispanic, however My Wife is!! She is Her family is totally against the method that the Illegal Immigrants are entering into the United States, and not just that, but then they find a job Working Illegally, and send for more of their Family to swim across the Rio Grand & also into the U.S. Illegal, All living in a 1 Bedroom Apartment, sometimes the whole Family, Sleeping a Dozen people or more in a Master Bedroom, and then there are usually more in the Living Room and the Walk In Closet is the Master Suit where the Married Mom & Dad Sleep!!

Now I am the son of a German Immigrant and My whole family with the exception of me, had to earn their Citizenship, I was born in the States, and therefore had earned my Citizenship, but I heard about their hard work and classes to make their Citizenship!!

Now, being that I worked in a Law Enforcement Back Round, and I am Medically Retired from a Accident that was caused by a Car Turning left in front of me Killing Me!! Leaving me to be revived  by my Fellow Law Enforcement Partners, and the Rialto Fire Paramedics, making me stable before getting me to LLUMC, where surgery, and Lots of care to keep me alive and looking close to what I used to look like.

I have to say that looking at people entering into the United States by crossing the border and then getting a job and just blending into the regular Population kind of blur's Lines. Now this activity is written on the Law Books, and Defined as AGAINST THE LAW!! But it seems that the Liberals, and the Republican Politicians that are trying to pander to the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who have managed to get REGISTERED TO VOTE, & if you don't believe that there are any Illegal Immigrants that are Registered to Vote, Then I bet that you would not believe the bridge that I have to sell you!! It is called the London Bridge, but you can call it what you want when you are done purchasing it from me!!

So, lets Recap: The Republicans that say that they are against the whole Idea of Illegal Immigrants, but they are wanting to give in to the Idea of Amnesty!! I know that the Democrats are all right with the Idea of Illegal Immigrants Registering to Vote, Working, and well, just not have any kind of a border at all, The Idea that I get from what I am reading is that they want the Mexican Government to Identify the border on their side and mark it, but on our side it has to be ignored and everyone that crosses is welcome into the United States, with no Question's Asked, well as long as they are here to work, then the answer to them is WELCOME!!

I feel coming from a Law Enforcement Back Round that they are breaking the LAW, and they should be PROSECUTED TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW, WHEN THEY VIOLATE THE LAW!!! Then they should be sent back to Mexico, with nothing but the pants that they were wearing, No shirt, no shoes, no socks, and a free head shaving, so that next time that they are in the u/X that they are caught quicker, then when they come into the country they would either all have shaved heads so that they would all be identified easily, and they would do it as a fashion statement so that there would be less confusion as to who was deported back to Mexico after their 1 or 2 year stay in County Jail for Illegally entering into the United States, now it isn't just the Mexican Race that would be in violation of this Law, There would also be French Citizens, United Kingdom Citizens, Russian Citizen's, People that are Citizen's of Spain, & also Citizens of Germany, ALL OF WHICH ARE IN VIOLATION OF THE UNITED STATES IMMIGRATION LAWS, AND WOULD BE ARRESTED AND BOOKED INTO JAIL FOR 1 TO 2 YEARS FOR THIS SPECIFIC VIOLATION!!!! Now they would be held for the equal amount for this violation each time that they are caught, and the reason for that is because of the violation of the United States Immigration Laws!!

Look I didn't Write the laws, and many of the people that are screaming for Amnesty, also didn't write the law, in fact many of those people were not alive when this law was written, In fact this law was written before all of our time, but that is no reason for them to even try to think that it should be re written, because it isn't something that it should be re-written!! The Law is written pretty good the way that it is, the problem is that the Asses that we are electing are not putting the Nails to the people that are in their Employ, who is namely the Men & Woman of the Border Patrol Division of the Federal Government!!   They Need to Start to ENFORCE THE LAW!!

BS Ranch

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps
For A More Perfect Union

6501 Greenway Parkway Suite 103-640 Scottsdale, AZ 85254 :: Phone (520) 829-3112

I am Hispanic. I am an American. I am a Minuteman. These terms are not contradictory.

By Al Garza
National Executive Director of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

During my youth, I served this country proudly in the Marine Corps in Vietnam, along with some great Americans. I now have that opportunity once again to serve my country with other great Americans, through my role with the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. We are a volunteer organization filled with patriots who stand watch on our nation’s borders in support of the brave men and women of the U.S. Border Patrol.

We are motivated by the rule of law and the need to secure the borders of the United States for the sake of our children and our grandchildren. Like our Founding Fathers, we are willing to sacrifice our lives and fortunes “in order to form a more perfect union,” even when we are discouraged by the actions of our elected leaders in Washington, who often forget that they “deriv[e] their just powers from the consent of the Governed…”

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps volunteers do not engage in hate speech, bigotry, violence, vigilantism or launch unjust personal attacks against law-abiding citizens. In fact, we are commissioned to witness to the injustice of the “we hate America crowd” led by the National Council of LaRaza who have exposed their true motives when they threaten Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser for refusing to fire Frances Semler from her appointed post on the Park Board without cause; an action that would result in most private employers receiving an expensive lesson in employment law.

I urge the citizens of Kansas City to question the actions of the National Council of LaRaza, a group which claims to stand for civil rights, but extorts your Mayor with threats of defamation and boycott if their demands are not metâ€"demands that a grandmotherly civic leader be terminated for her affiliation with a patriotic organization. I find their actions demeaning to all Hispanic Americans, and undermining of our civil liberty and patriotism.

After all, can any organization that encourages people to violate our laws truly claim to love America? Can you truly love America if one of your stated goals is to violently reclaim U.S. soil in the name of Mexico through a movement known as Reconquista?

Unlike LaRaza’s selfish agenda, our Minuteman mission is peaceful and responsible for saving the lives of hundreds who entered our country illegally and were left to die in the desert, be forced into prostitution or otherwise exploited for their cheap labor. Securing the borders is pro-immigrant. Minutemen volunteers are showing our federal government and fellow citizens the national security effectiveness for the protection of all that will result from the construction of a double-layered physical fence, and a simple increase in the number of Border Patrol agents and National Guard troops stationed on our borders.

As citizens, we have a moral obligation to provide immigrants a safe passageâ€"by our rulesâ€"while also protecting the citizens of the United States from invasion, disease and criminal behavior. The immigration problems we face can be resolved when employers, elected officials, the judicial system and law enforcement agencies at the local, state and national levels work together to enforce all immigration laws.

Minuteman activities are inclusive, conducted by men and women, naturalized as well as native-born citizens, college students and members of the Granny Brigade who fill a void on a mission that continues to receive strong support from millions of Americans. Our volunteers will travel from all over America to the U.S.-Mexico and U.S.-Canadian borders next month for our national muster. They will observe and report illegal activity to the proper authorities. Furthermore, they will call, write and fax their Members of Congress to voice their opposition to the on-going lobbying campaigns advancing amnesty legislation.

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps conducts our activities for the “general welfare” of all legal citizens of the United States and the protection of all innocent human life. Can LaRaza really claim they do the same thing?

Minutemen and Donations Needed NOW!

Click Here to Donate to the October Operations Support Fund

You too can help defend American by making your way to the border to join the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps as the first line of defense against illegal immigration. Sign up now to do your part in securing America!

If you can not commit to going to the border, fear not! You can still be a great help! Donate now to support those that are on the border and help pave the way to a secure America with the brave pioneers on the border!

The people of America are what make us strong, people just like you who are willing to sacrifice time and money in the pursuit of a strong and secure America. It takes the people of America to secure America. Americans don’t rely on others or wait for somebody else to fix the problem, we are trailblazers!

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Monday, October 1st through Wednesday, October 31st

At the U.S. - Mexico Border shared with Arizona, Texas and California as well as the U.S.-Canada Border shared with Washington State. Select here for details

Our Government is still NOT DOING ITS JOB! Beginning October 1st 2007, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps will conduct 24/7 operations for 31 days to secure the border. Your participation is critical.


If patriotic Americans don't take actionâ€"QUICKLYâ€"the new liberal Congress in Washington will ERASE OUR BORDERS and vote for AMNESTY instead of border security.

MCDC is CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS and Minuteman SUPPORTERS in the colonial tradition of the Minutemen, to SERVE or DONATE money and materials to HELP PROTECT AND DEFEND OUR NATION. Thank you to all volunteers who at their own expense are heading to the border and to those who respond by doing one or more of the following:

1) If you are a registered volunteer and cannot go to the border, or if you just want to send your financial support to our Minutemen at the border.
Click Here to Donate to the October Operations Support Fund

2) If you want to be a Registered Minuteman and get your ID card.
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3) See October Border Muster Operations locations and schedules.
Click Here for Minuteman Corps October 2007 Border Watch Details

YOU can make a REAL DIFFERENCE. So, for your sake, for the sake of your children, your grandchildren, and for generations to come, please help MCDC continue its fight to protect and preserve the United States of America and defend our Constitution.

Sincerely for these United States,

Carmen Mercer
Vice President
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

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If you prefer to donate by check, please mail to:
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps
Dept Code 953
PO Box 130707
Houston, TX 77219-0707

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Inc.
6501 Greenway Parkway
Suite 103-640
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Phone (520) 829-3112

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