Saturday, September 02, 2006

ON THIS DATE: Inland Empire Hespanic News Debuts!! (SB Sun 090206)

ON THIS DATE: Inland Empire Hispanic News Debuts!!
Staff Reports

On this date in 1987, The Sun reported that the Inland Empire Hispanic News hit the streets of San Bernardino, bringing a two-year dream to publish a weekly newspaper a reality.

Publisher Graciano Gomez and marketing vice president Aurelio De La Torre tossed the idea around for the 12-page tabloid, and decided to go for it.

"We were disappointed in the coverage we saw in the Hispanic community and decided, "Why don't we try and put a paper together," De La Torre said.

The newspaper's goal was to cover city and county government meetings, school issues, art, music and sporting events that involved Latinos.

The first edition was delivered to 6,000 homes in central San Bernardino, with another 3,000 mailed to businesses, schools and elected officials.

ON Sept 2, 1987 the Inland Empire Hespanic News Hit the rack. They are still in circulation today to almost 6000 homes and that does not count the 3000 that are mailed to the homes and businesses & elected officals to keept track of what is going on with the Hespanic vote.
I am thinking back to when this paper was started I was just working towards going to the Police Academy, and getting it all set up. wow, what time flies. not it drags on when you don't have much to do during the day!
PS; never get hurt to where you have to be Disabled and Retired to no work!!

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