Sunday, August 20, 2006

Redlands Kids Should Have a Place to Skateboard (Redlands dailybulletin 08202006)

Redlands should have a place for their young to go to express themselves, through skateboarding, and the like. It should be through that of a Skateboard Park, there is nothing wrong with it. It is about time that Redlands comes into the 20th Century, and adopt a Skate Park into their Park or at least one Skate Park into their City Limits, Rialto's has been a success and done really well. In fact there have been kids from Redlands that have come to Rialto to use the Skate Park here, so I don't know what they are afraid of, maybe that they feel they will not do it right and there will be a huge bunch of law suites or something. I am not sure. Rialto's has not brought one suit that I am aware of.
Redlands Kids Should Have a Place to Skateboard
By Marita Gardner
Having lived in Redlands for 17 years, as well as having two teenage boys, it is my opinion that our town should be supporting its youth by providing a safe area for kids to skateboard. Not every child enjoys organized sports and skateboarding allows kids to be creative, as well as active!

Some people believe that kids should just "skate in their drive-ways" - this is like saying you can do batting practice in the front yard. Initially it might work, but as they grow and get more skilled, it simply is not feasible.

A skate park would provide a safe, legal place for the youth of Redlands to participate in this ever-growing sport - more kids in the United States skateboard than participate in organized baseball! Kids from this area have to drive (or be driven) to Yucaipa, Fontana, Rialto, Jurupa or the beach cities to skate in a park designed for their needs. The kids from Redlands have been criticized for skating in public areas, as well as private property, but where else do they have to go?

Some folks are under the impression that these skateboarders are "troubled teens," but many of them are honor students, Eagle Scouts, science fair winners and volunteers in the community - just like other athletes. Let's be supportive of all the kids in Redlands and provide a place for them to socialize and exercise their creativity while they skateboard in a safe, legal place.

Marita Gardner


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