Thursday, August 17, 2006

Man Killed in San Bernardino Street (SB Sun 08162006) No homicides for over six weeks until now!!

WOW!! After a six week stay of no Homisides, then San Bernardino gets their first one and wouldn't you know it, a Rialto Man happens to be the Victim. He might have been in the area not familar to that neighborhood they walked up to him and said, "where you from?"
That was it, he answered "No Where" or Rialto, and they shot him dead as if he was a member of another gang. Unless he was a member of a rival gang, but I am not sure being that he was from Rialto, and not a long way from home but long enough that no one will know you so you end up a corpse, simply because you don't live in their nighborhood. sick huh. Kind of makes you jealous of their life style. I know that i am.
My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the person that was killed, I am sorry that this happend to you.

Man killed in San Bernardino street

Guy McCarthy, Staff Writer
San Bernardino County Sun

SAN BERNARDINO - After more than six weeks without a homicide in the city, gunfire erupted in a drive-by shooting Saturday night, leaving a dying man's blood on West 10th Street.

Joshua Joell Stanton, 21, of Rialto was pronounced dead just before 11 p.m. in the 1600 block of West 10th Street, an area some residents still call "the projects."

"Whoever done that should have been here to see the agony and pain of that boy's mother," resident Shirley Wilson, 54, said Sunday. "She had to see her child carried away in a body bag."

Stanton's death is the 35th homicide in San Bernardino this year. The last killings were June 26, when a man and a woman were shot dead in their East Pumalo Street apartment complex.

On West 10th Street late Saturday, witnesses told police several young men in a newer-model black Dodge Charger with tinted windows were involved in the shooting.

Residents said Sunday there was a gathering Saturday night behind a home at West 10th and Tiajuana streets, where an argument started before the shooting.

"This was a party disturbed by a drive-by, another death in the projects," said Carla Harris, 54. "A car came by and somebody said something about Rollin' 30s.

"They're talking about their own turf," Harris said. "But they don't own s---. They come through wanting to shoot at parties, not at the girls but at the guys."

Other residents who did not want their names published said they heard an argument outside the party, followed by a rapid burst of gunfire. When they came outside, residents on both sides of the street said they saw Stanton lying in the street.

Harris, who has lived in the neighborhood for several years, said she is tired of watching young men in San Bernardino threaten and kill each other over meaningless gang disputes.

"They don't own anything, but they try to act like they do," Harris said. "If these boys want to fight over land with their guns, why don't they get in the military? There's plenty killing going on in Iraq."

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