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Dragnet Fails to Snare Suspect, (Daily Bulletin 0826206)

Well this time the Daily Bulletin isn't leaving the Police Departments in the area with much Love! I guess the protection that they provide everyday isn't enough, the search for one man, in Millions...Like looking for the needle in the haystack they decide to make it like they are bumbling idiots! However Dragnet was one of the most Respected Law Enforcement Shows of it's Time.
The fact that they served so many Warrants at once for one man is what the News Paper Writer is angered about. He must write what the people feel, but not the Victims in this case.
There is only one person that can be blamed for the action of the Police, and it isn't Dragnet!! It is the Suspect, who not only victimized a man in the Park by Killing Him where he stood, but the victimization continued as the pursuit of the suspect continued. It isn't the Police, or Sheriff's Departments Fault for having to do their Job!!! They might not like to kick in doors wrecking the afternoon of the people that live there, but they have to because they are paid to chase, and Apprehend the Suspect in the killing of a man. the writer of this column seems to have forgotten that!!
I say I am sorry that they didn't catch the suspect at those houses, and it was a job well done, no one got hurt!!

Dragnet fails to snare suspect

REDLANDS - The Police Department and several other law enforcement agencies served multiple search warrants Thursday afternoon in connection with the investigation into the murder of 16-year-old Adrian Valdovinos, according to police spokesman Carl Baker.

Valdovinos was shot to death near the public bathrooms at Community Park in Redlands around 10 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 12.

According to Baker, at about 2:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 24, some 80 police officers simultaneously served search warrants on 17 residences in Redlands, Highland and Mentone, as part of the investigation into

Adrian Valdovinos Slain on Aug. 12 (courtesy photo)
the shooting.

The operation also included the Colton, Rialto and Fontana police departments, the Corona/Norco Regional Gang Task Force and the Jurupa Valley Task Force made up of the Riverside and Corona police departments, the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, the Riverside County district attorney's office and the Riverside County Probation Department.

In serving search warrants, Baker said, police hope to locate the weapon used to kill Valdovinos and gather other evidence that will assist in the ongoing investigation.

"We're looking for specific evidence, namely the weapon, and we have reason to believe that the murder was part of gang activity," Baker said. "Under the STEP Act we can hit multiple houses of identified gang members to find evidence."

The warrants thus targeted a number of individuals with known ties to local gangs.

"We've received a lot of information and some of that information has pointed to possible gang involvement in the killing," Baker said.

Family members of the victim have reiterated that Valdovinos did not have any gang ties. Police, however, believe that his killer did.

"We don't have any indication that (Valdovinos) had gang ties," Baker said. "It was the killer or killers that we believe has gang ties."

Redlands police involved other local agencies as a safety issue. Baker explained that it is important for police to search all of the locations at the same time in order to ensure that one location does not alert another location to police activity.

During the investigation police recovered drugs, guns, pepper spray and other weapons. According to Baker, a parolee at large jumped out of a second story window and tried to run. James Valdepena, 34, was then arrested, unrelated to the murder investigation.

"I think it was a very successful operation in the sense that no one was injured and the search warrants were issued successfully," said Redlands Police Department Capt. Tom Fitzmaurice. "It's another step in the investigative process. Homicide investigation is a very complex process. (But) we are still very optimistic."

Police continue to investigate the case.

Anyone with further information is asked to contact Sgt. Dave Anady at 798-7627 or Detective Todd McMeans at 798-7643.

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