Monday, August 28, 2006

Child Sexual Abuse Alleged (Press Enterprise 082806)

If this man used Threats to get what he wanted with Seven girls already then he learned that behavior with someone that he was close or semi close to at one time. Maybe they were forced to be baby sat in the same room or something, but they started by playing in this kind of fashion and he liked it so much that he bullied his way through to seven known others. I would bet my Years salary that there is another victim or two that are out there that might be scared or they have grown to old for his taste and now he has left them alone, so they have not said anything. In hopes that it would stay that way. Hopefully knowing that he is in jail they might come forward.

Child sexual abuse alleged

10:00 PM PDT on Friday, August 25, 2006

The Press-Enterprise

SAN BERNARDINO - A man used guns and threats to bully his way to molesting seven girls over the past seven years, San Bernardino police investigators said Friday.

They're now worried that this could be only the start.

Cesar Shanne Campos, 32, of San Bernardino, is being held without bail for investigation of nine felony counts, including continuous sexual abuse, forcible lewd acts and assault with a firearm against girls younger than age 14, court records show.

The molestations are believed to have occurred from 1999 until Aug. 8, when Campos was arrested, San Bernardino County Deputy District Attorney Jane Templeton said.

The girls ranged in age from 5 to 14 at the time of the assaults, she said.

Investigators said Campos was acquainted with the girls.

"They were afraid of him," Templeton said.

Police are asking that anyone who believes Campos could have had contact with their children come forward.

After Campos was arrested, police found two rifles, a handgun, two security badges, a police uniform and a bulletproof vest in his home, court records show.

A request filed in Superior Court to remand Campos to jail without bail indicates that he may have used the uniform and badges to gain access to additional victims who have not come forward.

"We're wondering, where there's smoke, is there sometimes fire?" Templeton said.

Campos has been charged with either raping or molesting five of the seven girls, Templeton said.

On the street where Campos lived, neighbors said Friday that they remember him best for the number of cars on his property. No one was sure what he did for a living, but neighbor Rene Vela said there used to be a cement-mixer truck parked outside.

The small white house on North K Street is empty now. Vela said he saw detectives from various agencies there in the days before and after Campos' arrest.

Vela said he asked one investigator what was up.

"He said, 'A lot of bad things were happening in that house,' " Vela said.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call San Bernardino police Detective Mike Madden at 909-384-5615.

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