Friday, June 29, 2007

Water-Contamination Hearing Deferred Again (The Press Enterprise Sat. June 23, 2007)

Water-contamination hearing deferred again

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10:00 PM PDT on Saturday, June 23, 2007
The Press-Enterprise

A state hearing to assign blame for the Inland region's largest unabated plume of groundwater pollution was delayed until August, marking at least the third postponement in the case.

The hearing was expected to begin July 9 before the chairwoman of the State Water Resources Control Board. At issue is a six-mile plume of perchlorate -- an ingredient of rocket fuel -- that has tainted more than a dozen drinking-water wells in Rialto and Colton.

The hearing is rescheduled for the weeks of Aug. 20 and Aug. 27 with specific dates to be announced later.

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BS Ranch Perspective

Well it seems that this whole thing would go a whole lot smoother if they would allow the companies that said that they would pay for the contamination from the beginning, but Owen wanted to see a larger pay check at the benefit of who, Himself? or was it really for the people of Rialto? I wonder, because the people of 'Black and Decker' have said they were willing to pay for what ever there company was responsible for regarding the Perchlorate contamination.

I am not all together sure that Rialto is the only city on the list of City's that are in the Law Suit against all the Businesses, regarding the Perchlorate Contamination. The list of Cities and or People involved in the Law Suit.

BS Ranch

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