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Ridgecrest Proposes to Secede From Kern County ( June 20, 2007)

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It is my believe that since the southern end of Ridgecrest is along the Inyo County Border, that it would more then likely get better services from the Sheriff of Inyo County, and the Sheriff Department. However Inyo County's Budget is much Smaller then that of Kern County's, having said that, I would say that most of Kern County's Budget is not spent on Ridgecrest and I would lay dollars to doughnuts that the people that represents Kern County didn't know much about Ridgecrest until this Secession was brought up!!

I believe that since most of the Surrounding area around Ridgecrest is Inyo it should be Inyo too

BS Ranch

Ridgecrest proposes to secede from Kern County

Last Update: Jun 20, 2007 7:44 PM

Posted By: brynn galindo

Posted 6/20/07
BAKERSFIELD - There are rumblings of a revolt in Ridgecrest.

The city council Wednesday night will discuss a Ridgecrest proposal to secede from Kern County and become part of Inyo County.

The high desert city is located in the far northeastern corner of Kern, and some folks there believe they would receive better public services from Inyo County than they currently get from Kern County.

A spokesman for First District Supervisor Jon McQuiston said backers of the secession proposal are under the misperception they're not getting their fair share of services.

Nevertheless, county accountants are currently crunching numbers to determine the financial impact to the county's general fund should Ridgecrest voters decide to secede from Kern County.

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