Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Council Adopts Balanced Budget for City of Fontana (Daily Bulletin June 21, 2007)

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The city of Fontana has the guts to do the right thing, that is great!! Now I hope that that they can live by the Budget walls that they have set!!

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Council adopts balanced budget for city of Fontana
By Leonor Vivanco, Staff Writer

FONTANA - The checkbook is balanced and there's enough money in the account to pay for the new bills expected to arrive soon.

That's what Fontana officials showed the City Council at a budget workshop Wednesday.

The council unanimously adopted the 2007-08 budget.

The budget lists $83.9 million in the General Fund, which pays for city services and programs using sales tax and property tax revenues, fines and fees.

The city is planning on spending $70.3 million.

For residents, it means more police on the streets, more streets repaved, and more sports and cultural programs.

The budget is conservative, City Manager Ken Hunt wrote in the budget.

Those new projects to open in 2008 are the $60 million Lewis Library and Technology Center under construction downtown, the $60 million Fontana Park and Jessie Turner Health and Fitness Center at the northeast corner of Lytle Creek Road and Summit Avenue, the renovation of the historic Fontana Theater into Center Stage on Sierra Avenue, and the Heritage Community Center. The biggest chunk of the budget - 56 percent - is set aside for the Police Department.

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