Thursday, April 12, 2007

Disagreemants Remain Over Illgal Immigration (Fontana Herald News)

Disagreements remain over illegal immigration


The subject of illegal immigration has been a thorny issue for many years. Passions run high on both sides; one extreme demands amnesty for all illegal immigrants, while the other extreme insists that each one of them should be deported. Some studies conclude that illegal immigrants help the United States economy; other studies say that people who are here illegally are a huge drain on our nation's resources.

The issue came to a head last year, when hundreds of thousands of people marched in major cities such as Los Angeles in favor of immigrants' rights. There were also some small rallies by people (mostly students) in Fontana.

Another march was held earlier this month in L.A., but this time only about 5,000 pro-amnesty participants (and a small number of counter-demonstrators) were involved. In the Inland Empire, a rally was held on March 16 at San Bernardino City Hall, attracting about 400 pro-amnesty individuals and close to 100 counter-demonstrators.

It seems as though the issue has been placed on the back burner, at least on the national level, with many more citizens rightfully concerned about the war in Iraq than about illegal immigration.

But it would be wise for Congress to renew its efforts to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill. President Bush has pushed for a reasonable compromise that aims to secure the nation's borders against terrorist threats, while at the same time recognizing the need for a guest worker program and a path for illegal immigrants to legalize their status if they pay fines, have a job, learn English, and stay out of trouble.

While federal leaders continue their debate, people in Fontana and the Inland Empire can still feel free to air their disagreements over this issue -- as long as they remain peaceful and do not foment hatred, particularly against people from Latin American countries who represent most of the immigrants (both legal and illegal) to the United States. Unfortunately, some of the counter-demonstrations at the recent San Bernardino rally expressed their anti-illegal immigration views in bigoted terms. It is important for citizens to state their case while not contributing to an atmosphere of hatefulness.

BS Ranch Perspective:

The crazyness over the Immigration is rampet, but the people that are for the Illegal Immigration don't seem to understand. I would say that 99% of all people against Illegal Immigration are against the people that enter the United States illegally for what ever reason. All that I know is that they have entered the U.S. illegally.

If they had gone thought the proper channels and obtained a Green card like my Parents did a great many years ago when the entered the U.S. on a Extended Stay Visa.. They stayed and worked on getting a Green Card, which they were able to do.

They worked and stayed here and worked toward gaining that citizenship, and worked super hard and obtained the right to vote, the right to sit on a Jury.

The people that are coming here and bashing through the border, staying beyond their Visa, whether it be a Student Visa, or Work Visa. If they blow by the expiration dates on those or enter the country by running the border, they are "BREAKING THE LAW"!!

The Word "Illegal" Immigrant! If they were just an Immigrant than we would not have this discussion, but it is "Illegal Immigrant" therefore the Conversation is wide open!!

Illegal Immigants Need to go home and re-enter the country the right way! I don't care if it takes 50 years, it is the right way to get in. after all there is a right way and a wrong way. Entering the country with nothing that is issued by the government, Legal like, with your birth name on it. No matter how you look at it you are here Illegally and need to either be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, or go home and return legally.

BS Ranch

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