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Black & Decker Boycotted as Polleter of the Month (Black Voices 032207)

Black & Decker: Boycotted as Polluter of the Month
Thursday, 22 March 2007

By Megan Carter

A group of about 50 residents met to show their displeasure with being left with the bill for cleanup that they acknowledge belongs to Black & Decker, Goodrich and the federal government. In an effort to encourage Black & Decker to start paying for the clean up of their perchlorate, they have been given the Polluter of the Month Award and kicked off a national boycott of the company. The award came complete with a trophy and a certificate.

The Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice with residents believe that Black & Decker intentionally delayed and prolonged the process to cleanup the rocket fuel in the drinking water in the Rialto/Colton areas.

Sylvia Amezquita and Isabella, 5, Carlos, 2. She is upset that she is paying $13-15 a month for perchlorate cleanup of water caused by Black and Decker and Goodrich companies.Residents in Rialto have paid almost $7.2 million towards the cleanup of the contamination. Sylvia Amezquita stood with her children, Isabella and Carlos 2, upset with Black & Decker. "Every month I pay $13 dollars for the cleanup and I found out that Black & Decker pays nothing. It continues to go up so I don't know when it will stop. It is not fair," she said.

It has been 10 years that Rialto has been waiting to clean up the wells. The city has said in the past once a polluted well has been detected in Rialto it is shut down and no residents receive perchlorate filled water.

"It's their mess, they polluted our drinking water and they should clean it up, not us rate payers," said Susana Negrete. Negrete wants Black & Decker to take responsibility for their mess, restore the quality of water and reimburse the citizens of cost already incurred for the Perchlorate cleanup.

Black Voice was unable to reach a company representative at press time.

The next community meeting will take place on April 19 at 6:30 p.m. at Dollahan Elementary School, 1060 West Etiwanda Ave. For information call (909) 381-8883.

BS Ranch Perspective:

It appears that the battle over the Perchlorate is still running strong, Now there is talk of Boycotting Black and Decker because they are stopping their support or payments of the clean-up of the Perchlorate, in Rialto's Drinking Water Wells, causing more of a clean up expense to be passed on to the citizens of rialto to have to clean their own wells. It looks as if There Might be a Charge of up to $13-$15.00 charge a month per cusomer. This money was promised to be paid by Black & Decker when they were named as the people or one of the Companies involved in the Pollution of the Drinking water in Rialto, San Bernardino, Colton, & the County of San Bernardino too.

They said that they were going to pay their fair share for the pollution that they did back a long time ago before even Black and Decker was together! Well now that they are together and they are all rich and can pay for most of the clean up, they seem to only want to pay for some of it. Now we will have to take on some Court Action against them it appears.

BS Ranch

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