Thursday, April 12, 2007

Charges Dismissed in Rialto Roadblock Shooting (AP) Teens accused of shooting, wounding motorists from overpass shooting

Charges dismissed Rialto roadblock shooting
Teens were accused of shooting, wounding motorists from overpass.
The Associated Press
FONTANA -- Charges were dismissed against two teenagers charged last year with shooting and wounding two motorists at a freeway overpass in Rialto.

Deputy District Attorney Steve Singley said Thursday that evidence remaining after a county commissioner threw out statements that Alvin Molina III, 17, and Steve Torres, 18, made to police was insufficient to tie them to the shooting.

"I do think they were involved in the crime at some level," he said. "Unfortunately, we are not able to prove their culpability at this time."

The teens were charged in connection with an Aug. 11 shooting that wounded a driver and passenger when their Chevrolet Suburban slowed for a makeshift roadblock on Interstate 210.

The teens were arrested the following evening when police observed them setting up a roadblock.

They spent six months in jail until March 1, when Knish ordered their release following a February hearing during which he threw out the statements, according to court records.

Torres' attorney, Neil Shouse, said previously that police obtained false statements by telling his client details of the case.

"Everybody seemed to jump to conclusions," Shouse said Thursday. "But when the evidence unraveled, it was apparent the wrong people were apprehended."

A conspiracy accessory charge against Debra Molina also was dismissed Thursday. She was accused of washing her son's clothes to help conceal the crime.

BS Ranch Perspective:

This is a classic case of the Legal system Failing the Victim. The Suspects were caught making a make shift road block, which lead to their arrest. Their Parents were notified that they were in custody, while the police was obtaining a Search Warrant of the Suspects Residence to look for anything else that might tie them to the Crime. When the Search Warrant was Served, the Mother, who had over 18 years with the Probation Department as a Probation Supervisor, was Washing the clothing that had marked evidence of the Shooting, from the night that they made the first Road Block, when they Injured the Passenger and Driver of the Victim's car.

The Judge, who Dropped the Charges said that he felt that they had taken some part to this crime, however he could not tell what part that they did or didn't take, so he dropped the charges. I am wondering if the Judge has NO DOUBT, THAT THEY TOOK PART IN THE CRIME!! Then what does it take to allow it to go to trial. The Judge Drops The Charges. It isn't that bad but the Child's Mother, where the "Chip" of the "Block" came from, got her charges dropped for Both Compounding a Felony, and Tampering with Evidence to a Crime!!

The Mother, Really has Taught The children of the Neighborhood well, by Terrorizing Innocent people that are just on their way home from a movie or the mall, and they get shot at, and possibly, almost Killed. Lucky in this case Nobody was Killed.

Still we have three Juveniles that are going into adulthood, and their Mother, All of which are Criminals, and should be treated like criminals. So if you know these people and you run into them treat them for who they are! Unless they can prove to me that they are better then that, and come back by being bigger than the crime that they committed, and show that they are better then all that. I hope that they have been forced to move actually. Knowing my luck, they know where I live and they will lay in wait like they did to their victims, and then they will shoot me as I enter my home. Double or nothing says that they will miss and hit my neighbor, an unrelated party to this, BLOG!! Because that is the type of Criminal we are dealing with here.

BS Ranch

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