LOS ANGELES - Jurors recommended the death penalty Tuesday for the so-called "60 Freeway Slayer," convicted of killing six prostitutes whose bodies were found along the route east to the Inland Empire.

The jury deliberated for four days before reaching a decision.

Ivan Hill was convicted Nov. 17 of six counts of first-degree murder.

During last month's penalty phase, a parade of friends and relatives urged jurors to spare Hill's life. Prosecutors countered that Hill had a violent past and deserved the death penalty.

Hill was convicted in the 1993 and 1994 killings of Roxanne Bates, 31, of Montclair; Helen Ruth Hill, 36, of Pomona; Donna L. Goldsmith, 35, of Montclair; Cheryl Sayers, 34, of Ontario; Betty Sue Harris, 37, of Pomona and Debra Denise Brown, 33, of Los Angeles.

BS Ranch Perspective:

I hope that they give this guy the death penalty, then we have to work to resolve the differences regarding the recent court decision to say that the death penalty is unconstitutional again, it really is a sad time when The Death penalty is 25 to 30 more years extended to the suspects life, when they didn't give that to their victim's!! I agree that if the wrong man was executed then they need to set aside an amount that might be suitable for the slaying of a person for the murder that they potentially didn't commit, but it is funny how they say they were wrongfully convicted but their blood or finger print is on the murder weapon. Oh My?

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