Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Council Votes to Widen Overpass at Riverside Ave @ Interstate 10

Council votes to widen overpass

RIALTO - Drivers who have ever had to navigate Riverside Avenue over the 10 Freeway during rush hour know how maddening the experience can be.

But in order for traffic to get better, it's first going to have to get worse.

Earlier this week, the City Council voted by 3-2 to close the overpass for nine months in order to widen it. When the project starts in the summer or fall of 2008, traffic on Cedar Avenue is predicted to increase by up to 50 percent.

The alternative to this relatively quick period of pain for drivers was to keep the bridge open to reduced traffic flow for a longer, 30-month construction period.

City officials have discussed the project since 1997, when it was predicted to cost only a fraction of the current $31 million price tag.

The council reached its decision Wednesday at a special joint meeting with the city's Transportation Commission.

- Jason Pesick, (909) 889-9666

BS Ranch Perspective:

It is about time that the City of Rialto has taken the hands off the purse strings a Little and is getting this done. This project should have been done Years ago! It should have been done say almost 5 to 7 years ago, and they waited and waited. The company people of WAL-MART always came up and said when are you going to fix the gate way to the city, so that there will be more people that enter the city, not so many people that there is such a traffic jam that they are angry and all they want to do is leave before they are done shopping!!

BS Ranch!!

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