Saturday, January 06, 2007

Driver Shot During Attempted Carjacking (SB Sun 12312006)

Driver shot during attempted carjacking

A man was shot in the legs three times Friday evening during an unsuccessful carjacking and robbery attempt.

The wounds were not life- threatening, said Rialto police Sgt. Don Lewis.

Lewis said three juveniles attempted to rob the victim and steal his car at an apartment complex at 1108 S. Riverside Ave.

One of the juveniles apparently shot the man twice in the right knee and once in the left shin, Lewis said. The victim then drove to the front of the complex in his car. Police were still searching for the suspects. The victim's 4-year-old daughter was in the car at the time of the attack. She was not injured, police said.

BS Ranch Perspective:

It just goes to show that even with a New Police Department the danger is still lurking out there. The Rialto Police Department is still short over some 15 or so positions, that they are not publishing, for the public scar that might start if and when they do! With the 15 or so Officer's that are short, it is hard to get to every incident in a timely manor, so please be patient with the Rialto Police Department, they are doing the work of 125 Police Officers when they are even short some 15 to 23 Officers on the Department. I know the good news that has come to the City lately is that the Ex-Sergeant R. Martinez, has been re-hired or stolen back from Baldwin Park, but this time he will be promoted from a Lieutenant to a Captain. I guess he will be in charge of Special Services and the Detective Bureau. That puts him over Traffic, Humane Services, SWAT, SIT (Special Enforcement Team), Everything but Patrol, and Records, because that is what Capt. T. Farrar will over see.

We also have a little bird that says a once long gone Sgt. will be returning as a Sgt. and Crispin be thy name. Sgt. Crispin is reported to be returning as well.

This is all great news for Rialto, however they need to get more Police Officers, and not so many Chiefs, in other words when are they going to get the Indians, to do the work for the chiefs that they have lined up here.

They need to work on getting the 3% @ 50 retirement plan to help get more recruits from the Sheriff Department, and the like. With out that Retirement plan they will not do anything but sit and stagger and wonder why no one wants to work here!! or they will get the DORKS that no other department will hire. the people that fall down going up the stairs on their first day of work. LOL...

Well, Good Luck Rialto, but get more People, Officer like people for the citizens. Since I have lived where I live in the County area, I have seen but one Sheriff's unit in this whole area in the whole last year, and three the year before that. That is in the whole year, OUCH, are you not happy you didn't contract with the Sheriff's department!!

BS Ranch

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