Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Rialto: Six Suspected Thieves Arrested (Daily Bulletin 12122006)

Six suspected thieves arrested

Six people have been arrested on suspicion of stealing about $300,000 worth of equipment from a Black & Decker distribution plant.

Two of the suspects are security guards at the plant.

Rialto police investigators saw the suspects being let into the plant in the 1500 block of North Tamarind Avenue about 5 p.m. The investigators later watched the suspects load a 24-foot rental truck with De-

Walt brand power tools and accessories, according to a Rialto police news release.

After the suspects drove off, investigators stopped the truck and arrested all six, officials said.

Police had set up surveillance in and around the business following reports of thefts. The recently arrested suspects are believed responsible for some $1.5million in property theft from the plant.

Police are continuing their investigation and ask anyone with more information on the thefts to call Detective Chris Farmer at (909) 421-7264.

BS Ranch Perspective:

Just a quick perception that the Rialto Police Department is still clearing the smaller cases, by a detective. In a Department that has been shaved so thin that you would think that one Detective might not be working Robbery, Grand Theft, and or Burglary! You would think what since the Rialto Police Department is over 27 Positions Down or short, that they would be having a hard time. I think that this Case shows that the Police Department still is working towards Quality clearances, Under a New Chief Mark Kling He has shown nothing but promise since he has taken over as Chief of Police!!

BS Ranch

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