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Duty Honor 12032006 (San Bernardino County Sun 12032006)

Duty & Honor 12-03-06

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Navy SEAL Operator 1st Class Joshua P. Bicondova (Courtesy Photo)

The Sun salutes the brave men and women of San Bernardino County who have stepped forward to proudly serve their country in the armed forces.

Among them:

Navy SEAL Operator 1st Class Joshua P. Bicondova

Joshua Bicondova, 33, started as a pastry cook aboard the USS Carl Vincent and is now a Navy SEAL who has served three tours of duty in Iraq with the Team 5 Navy SEALs.

He will soon transfer to Virginia Beach to train with an elite group of SEALs. He specializes as an explosives expert and works as an instructor for deployment.

He participated in the San Diego Triathlon earlier this year and rises at 4 a.m. daily to train.

He is married to Jessica Porter and is the father of a young daughter, Carmen.

Army Sgt. 1st Class Jesse Valadez

Jesse Valadez, 37, completed a six-month tour of duty in Iraq with the Army in April.

He previously served in the Marines, which had been his childhood dream. His military career has taken him from Fort Campbell, Ky., Fort Drums, N.Y., and service as a drill instructor in South Carolina to his present station in Fort Wainwright in Alaska.

Among the military regalia he has earned is a medal for sharpshooting.

Valadez is married to Tina Valadez and has three children: Jesse Jr., 18, Justine, 16, and Janell, 12.

Army Pfc. Samantha Lopez

Samantha Lopez, 19, is serving in the Army in Baghdad. She is completing training as a medical supplier.

She graduated from San Gorgonio High School in 2005.

Lopez writes e-mails twice a week to her uncle Jesse Robledo, of San Bernardino, who encouraged her to join the Army.

She will be coming home for Christmas for a two-week visit, then will return to Baghdad.

Lopez and Sgt. 1st Class Jesse Valadez are cousins.

Army Pfc. Michele Montoya

Michele Montoya, 19, was deployed to Iraq for a one-year tour of duty with the Army in September. The Highland resident and San Gorgonio High School graduate enlisted and started basic training at Fort Jackson, S.C., last year.

She had enrolled in a local college, but days after signing up for classes, she enlisted instead because she wanted to serve her country, said her father, Rudy Montoya.

Do you have a loved one serving in the military? Send a photo along with their name, rank, branch of service and a few words about them to (include "Duty and Honor" in the subject field) or mail it to Duty and Honor c/o The Sun, 2239 Gannett Parkway, San Bernardino, CA 92407. Don't forget to include your name and telephone number in case we have questions.
BS Ranch Perspective:
We as the U.S of A. should give all our support to the US Armed Forces, I know that I do. I appreciate all that they do, they are doing a job that I only partially took part in over here as a Law Enforcement Officer. Their Form of Law Enforcement is at a whole New Level that is almost to high to talk about!! I mean Wow, can you imagine that you are standing guard one minute and a car pulls in, the guy in the car says that the car will not start and, calm and cool like gets out of the car and starts to walk away, but the car is in the middle of the street, leaving the rest of the traffic with such a problem, The Guards cannot leave that car in the middle of their check point, and thinking that they just have a language problem, and the driver Carrying a fuel can when he left, surely left you to believe that he was out of gasoline, but that was when the Guards decide to push the car out of the way and off to the side of the street. As they get behind the car, you are sitting along side watching the whole thing being done from the guard shack. AS the second Solder places his hands on the trunk of the car, the car disappears suddenly into a flash, and all you can hear is Ringing, the ringing of something loud. That is when you realize that your on fire, and you suddenly drop to the ground and roll to put the fire out, but cause for some reason you are taken back to when you were in second grade and the fire department was putting on a class of safety and they said if you are ever on fire, to Stop Drop and Roll, they start to sing and in your mind you are singing this song, Stop, Drop and Roll, just like it was yesterday. When the rescue gets there all they can get out of you is Stop, Drop and Roll, because that is all that will come out of your mouth, You are in SHOCK!!
Please Support these men and woman that are fighting in Iraq, it is truly a necessary war, that is being fought, trust me, because when the Democrats get their way and they get the Solders out of there and back to the states the government is going to be so over whelmed and unstable in Iraq, that another regime will take over, it will be just like that of Saddam, and well there will be killing and Tortures that we cannot tolerate our people from doing, but well as long as it isn't the US doing it then well it is okay for the Iraq New government to do it. constitution that was voted in by the people of all beliefs in Iraq will be burned and the largest and most scariest people will be in charge. You wonder what it is going to be like for the Islamic people to have their power, well we will find out, because it will be ruthless. all at the hand of the new government of the Democratic party now.
They are the ones that will decide if we will stay and make the Iraq Country a Free Democratic country and have them start to stop this over the boarder fighting against us, and not them, but that is what is going on, the people that are fighting are coming from Iran, and the other Countries, only to fight the USA!! They need to be stopped and stomped to the dirt, but no!! WE cannot Tortures, we cannot fight!! WE cannot be a part of anything that is compelling the people to protect themselves in this country!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!
This is the BS Ranch, if you feel that I am right or even wrong on some of this or all of what I am writing on please let me know. I am and would be glad to hear from you!! Because something other then the status quo has to be done and someting other then just pulling out has to be done!! I say that we take over and force the goverment on them, and then they must have their police force taking this over or else we have to take it over. I know it is a delicate situation, but we have a delicate thing also, called the US Soldier. The greatest commodity that we have over there is our fighting man!! My voice alone cannot change the Governments mind alone it has to be a majority to change the mind of all those stiff necks.

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