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Rialto Plans South-Side Fire Station

BS Ranch Perspective:

This Idea, and or plan has been in the works since before my accident in 1997, they had been trying to get a station in the South since before they were asking for a station in the North end. Station Four was to be in the South end of the City South of I-10 on the corner N/W corner of Willow and Santa Ana Ave if My memory is correct, they once had a sign that was there and everything. The reason for the Fire station at that time was that it was impossible for them to get across the I-10 in the mornings and afternoons when the Traffic was backed up, and the response time to a fire call just at Santa Ana and Willow was about 25 minutes or more at peak times. The time has had to increase with the increase in traffic and times. They also have been trying to figure that if they had a major fire down in the Tank Farms the Colton Fire Department would be there first as they have southern Station already to respond and get there before the City of Rialto Especially when it is at 17:00 hrs, and the traffic is just at its peek. They are well at the most mortified with the traffic. I can imagine that it would take the Rialto Fire Department a total then of about 40 minutes to get across the freeway and to the tank farm!! Sorry to say, but that is what it would take to cross the I-10 depending on the day, I mean some days they could do it in no time and others forget about it, they would never be across. .

This Southern Fire Station Plan was back in a time when the Rialto Police Department was going to try to fight for extra monies from the Taxpayer in Rialto for a Brand New Police Station, after all at the time we were Changing our clothes in the hallway. downstairs with Blinder so that the Woman Employee's couldn't get an eye full of Police Officer when they were walking down the hall.

We had trouble when they where Qualifying Officers because the Lockers that we dressed at were in the hallway corridor that was the entrance to the Indoor gun range. The Female officers would either have to stay in the room until they were told it was clear or they were dismissed from the training until the graveyard officers were finished dressing. This went on for the first year and a half that I worked at Rialto, the whole time we tried twice to get a measure of a Half sent tax, or a $50 dollar, 5 year Property tax initiative on the ballot passed. They never were passed even with all the work that we did, we had the whole Off duty Police Force working on this, it was miraculous. really, but we never got it, so it stands to wonder that the PD didn't get involved in the Property tax deal that encounters the Tax reform that adds so much to the family home depending on how big their property was, that was the utility tax, which passed. wow..The State, Police was not the thank the PD and the Small stuff that we did he;peed and I have to say that the very little participation that we did might have helped it pass as well.

But that is not for me to say, after All I am the one that for the first two years changed my clothes in the hallway, it was to the point after a while that we didn't care and it we weren't so modest about changing. the girls came down could watch us change and we didn't care. we were wearing something after all! But, then they opened up that Conference room and we realised what or how it was wrong and how they should have did that sooner. But again that is just me.

BS Ranch.

Rialto plans south-side fire station
City seeks quicker response as it considers development
Jason Pesick, Staff Writer

RIALTO- City officials plan to build a new fire station to serve the southend of the city, where it takes nearly twice as long in some areas forfirefighters to respond to an emergency.

Although much of the city's development has been focused northof Interstate 10, projects for the south end have been proposed,prompting the city to take a closer look at the thinly populated area.

"There's a clear need for the station there," Fire Chief Steve Wells said.

Wells said response times south of I-10 are eight to 10 minutes, compared with five minutes in the rest of the city.

Separately,the Planning Commission on Tuesday will consider a 726-home developmenton 165 acres south of the freeway. The Rancho El Rivino project byYoung Homes would occupy county land just north of El Rivino Road thatthe city would annex.

Economic Development Director Robb Steel said theenvironmental-impact report drawn up for the project showed there isinsufficient fire response in the area to serve the proposed homes.

The city is negotiating a development agreement with YoungHomes that would help pay for the fire station and otherinfrastructure, such as sewers, the city will need to build to serve the development, Steel said.

the development.

Steelsaid the city has asked Young to pay higher development fees than usualbecause the city is about to raise the fees and is trying to fund a newfire station.

Building and equipping the station will cost $6million, Steel said.

PoliceChief Mark Kling said it is also possible there will be a policesubstation at the same location and that as the city continues todevelop, it will be necessary to increase the size of his department.

"Right now, we wouldn't have the staff to fill a substation," he said.

Inaddition to the El Rivino project, a number of industrial projectseither already exist or eventually will be located south of I-10. InSeptember, the City Council approved a 1.4 million- square-foot heavyindustrial center that will be built on Riverside Avenue and Agua MansaRoad.

But Wells said industrial development does not demand as much from the Fire Department as residential development does.

If the Planning Commission approves the proposal, it would go before the City Council in January.

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