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Barack Obama's Oil Lies are Rooted in His Contempt for the United States of America... Posted March 8, 2012 by Conservative Bytes..

Barack Obama's Oil Lies are Rooted in His Contempt for the United States of America

replacing oil is not going to make energy cheaper. Oil is the cheapest form of energy, for what it provides, that we have. That's what the market does. The market provides the cheapest and the most efficient of everything. Or it won't survive. Eventually it'll go kaput. It's called competition. Oil does not have any competition right now, not any serious competition.
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So Obama's in North Carolina, yeah, we're gonna have alternative energy, gonna bring down energy costs. Nope, they're gonna skyrocket. President Obama wants higher energy costs. Barack Obama wants higher gasoline prices. When it hit four dollars a gallon years ago Barack Hussein Obama said he was only unhappy about how fast the price got to four dollars. He was not unhappy that it did get to four dollars. His Nobel prize-winning energy secretary, a guy named
Steven Chu, said that they have no interest in lowering gas prices; they just want to get us off of oil. Not possible. That's what the free market does, folks, it gives you the cheapest and most efficient of everything. If there were something better than oil it would have been found, it would have been invented. If it were cost sensible, if it was affordable, if it made sense to produce it. It doesn't. Oil is it. It's the beauty of free markets.
Free markets tell you what work. So whatever he comes up with as his alternative, A, there isn't one, and, B, it's simply a way to raise taxes and raise prices and raise costs. You say, "Why would he want to do that?" Well, to accept the answer to that you have to — (interruption) Yes, I am saying algae is not better than oil. That's right, President Obama proposed algae as a substitute for oil a couple of weeks ago. Algae. Pond scum, for those of you in Rio Linda. Why would he want higher prices? Why does he want higher taxes? Well, you have to understand what he thinks of America to answer that and to believe the answer.

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