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Government Motors: Why Wasn't The Chevy Volt Recalled by GM After Battery Fires BY Frank York, Dec. 13, 2011

Government Motors: Why Wasn’t The Chevy Volt Recalled By GM After Battery Fires?

DECEMBER 13, 2011 BY  
Shouldn't the Chevy Volt be recalled?
The Chevy Volt is supposed to be an example of the wonderful future of hybrid cars as part of the “green” revolution being pursued by President Obama.
Yet, after crash tests, Volt batteries have caught on fire days or weeks afterward. Consumer safety is supposed to be paramount to the Obama Administration, so why wasn’t this car immediately recalled?
The fire hazard was discovered back in June, 2011 only three weeks after the car had been crash tested. Yet five months went by before GM or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) warned dealers or customers about the fire hazard.
According to Joan Claybrook, a former administrator at the NHTSA, it was the “fragility of Volt sales” that was the reason for not notifying customers or dealers. Of course, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood denies this.
Car dealers began offering customers the right to return the Volt, but then changed direction and offered them loaner cars while the fires were investigated.
Did the Obama Administration decide to sacrifice consumer safety for sales of this electric car? The National Legal and Policy Center has filed a Freedom of Information Act to find out if there was deliberate collusion between GM and the NHTSA on this important consumer safety issue.
Heads should roll if it is proven that the Obama Administration deliberately sacrificed safety to pursue a green agenda.

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