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Inland Republicans press on against illegal immigration Friday Jan. 28, 2011

BS Ranch Perspective:

It seems to me that there has to be something done about the Immigration laws in this country. Not only that but there has to be a line drawn as to where and when spending stops for those that are not here legally. Now I know that the Constitution of the United States extends its rights to those that are here illegally, and it allows the Illegal Immigrant to have benefits that they otherwise would not have in their own country. It really doesn't seem right now does it.

The Illegal Immigrant needs to be responsible for their own Medical Coverage, either by their own country, if there country supports that type of Medical Coverage such as Canada, or Europe. If this was the case then their own country should be responsible for the care of their own citizens. The Illegal Immigrant here undocumented should not be able to get any medical benefits from the State or Federal Government. Now I agree that Life Saving Measures should be taken care of, I am not that heartless, but there has to be a line or Limit to what is spent to save ones life depending on what is wrong with them. The coverage should figure on how long it is to take care or stabilize their situation then ship them back to their own country and have their medical coverage in their home country to take care of them from that point on.

The Over 25 Million a year that is spent to bandage up Illegal Immigrants that come here sometimes to get an open heart surgery, or some lung treatments, why many come here for treatment for AIDS. There Country in many cases has limited coverage for AIDS. So they storm to Palm Springs to get treatment, Now it has been told to me that Palm Springs is the Place to go if you are infected with AIDS. Now I don't know how many people are here for treatment of AIDS, but this I can tell you that most places that are considered to be a Catholic Religion Country, might not cover anyone that has AIDS, because of the sigma that comes with that disease, that it is basically a sexually transmitted Disease, that is most commonly associated with the Homosexual Community. Now I know that AIDS is not a Sexually Transmitted Disease, and I also know that it isn't only associated with Homosexuals. But those in their country believes that it is, and that is all it takes for that country not to cover such diseases!! Now the United States has the best Doctor's for this Disease, and the best facilities for treatment of this Disease!! That is a huge magnet for those that suffer from this disease and needs treatment. I know that if I should ever be afflicted with AIDS, I would want to be treated by Doctor's in the United States rather then in a smaller Country, with free health care. Now we are on our way to being one of those countries and I can see that we will drop to the treatment of AIDS simply because there will not be as many American Doctor's. There will not be as many Hospitals as there is now, all will reduce because of the lack of income for a Doctor that Suddenly is working for the Federal Government and not for themselves or a high paying Hospital that is proud to have a surgeon that knows what he is doing, Now when the changes come in and the Federal Government Realizes that they cannot possibly pay for the care of so many Americans along with those that are here Illegally. What I am saying is that the Doctor will be paid less, as a Federal Employee, and facilities will be closed because of cost, and the federal Government not able to keep up with the costs of said ObamaCare!!

WE need to close our Hospitals to those that are here in this country, Undocumented, or as they are more commonly known Illegal Immigrant. or Illegal Alien! It has to stop, not just with Illegal Immigrants. The ObamaCare really needs to be repealed and then the Federal Government needs to reform the Medical Services in this country, but not by taking the whole system on and running it.. they need to make rules and Regulations that has it run far more efficiently then it does now! The less that the Federal Government is involved the better and more money that Hospitals, Doctor's and Nurses will make!!

That is my Opinion, Please let me know yours,

BS Ranch

Inland Republicans press on against illegal immigration

10:00 PM PST on Friday, January 28, 2011

Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON - As the GOP looks to improve the party's image among the nation's burgeoning Hispanic community, area House Republicans are pressing forward with legislation meant to fight illegal immigration.

Democrats and pro-immigration advocates predict that such tactics could amount to political suicide in advance of the 2012 elections, especially in heavily Latino Inland Southern California. But Reps. Gary Miller, Ken Calvert and others say they are trying to crack down on law-breakers in general, not the Hispanic community in particular.

"The laws of this country were designed to apply to people equally," said Miller, R-Diamond Bar. "Never once have we discriminated against any one given race of people. If you are here from Germany illegally or Ireland illegally ... I got no problem sending you home."

Republican bills introduced this year include measures to end birthright citizenship for children born to illegal immigrants; to make it mandatory for all companies to use an electronic employment verification system to ensure their workers' legal status; and to build 20 new federal detention centers for illegal immigrants.

"We think they're targeting Latinos," said Raul Gonzalez, legislative director for the pro-Hispanic National Council of La Raza.

Gonzalez suggested that much of the legislation and anti-illegal immigration rhetoric espoused by Republicans over the past election cycle was meant to rally the conservative base. But in the long term, he said, it could backfire as Latinos represent an increasingly large part of the citizenry.

Hispanic people make up nearly 16 percent of the U.S. population and were credited with playing a large role in the 2008 presidential election.

Political peril seen

In the days after Republicans seized control of the House in a landslide November election victory, Inland Democrat Joe Baca predicted Republicans would tone down their opposition to illegal immigration.

"They know we're a large electoral vote, so their attitudes may change," said Baca, D-Rialto, who is of Hispanic descent. "They can't afford to alienate more of the Latino vote."

For that very reason, a group of Republican leaders, including former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, called upon the party to reach out to the Latino community during a GOP conference earlier this month.

"It is important to realize that the Hispanic population, which is the fastest-growing population in the country, will also eventually be the fastest-growing population of voters," Bush said. "... It would be incredibly stupid over the long haul to ignore the Hispanic vote."

Miller and Calvert, R-Corona, both staunch opponents of legislation to legalize undocumented immigrants, agreed that it is important to engage the Hispanic community but said many Latino voters back their efforts to curtail illegal immigration.

"I've always had a large Hispanic community," Calvert said of his district, which includes Riverside, Corona and Norco. "I've had support in the Hispanic community as long as I've run."


Calvert has long championed legislation to expand the use of E-Verify, an automated system that allows employers check worker eligibility status in order to keep illegal immigrants out of American jobs.

Some companies already use the system, but Calvert is working on a bill with the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, that would make the program mandatory for all employers.

Undocumented workers who are willing to accept lower wages bring down the cost of labor, hurting both the economy and the nation's lingering unemployment crisis, Calvert said. He expects the bill to be introduced by spring.

Some immigration advocates oppose the legislation, pointing to instances where it has incorrectly denied people who should have been granted approval to work. Gonzales, of La Raza, acknowledged that the E-Verify plan resonates with the public, but said imperfections in the system make it a bad fix.

"The system has problems with mismatches," Gonzalez said. "We don't think it's a good solution."

Calvert scoffed at the argument, citing figures showing the system is more than 99 percent effective and challenging critics to name another government program that successful.

The bill passed the House last year but stalled in the Senate. Calvert said he is confident it will pass in the current Congress.

Birthright citizenship

Perhaps more controversial is Miller's quest to end birthright citizenship, a constitutional right that any child born in the U.S. becomes a citizen, whether their parents are in the country legally or not. Once they turn 21, those children can petition the government for citizenship or legal resident status for their undocumented relatives.

Miller said the law has given way to what some call the "birth tourism" industry, which arranges the travel and hospitalization of non-Americans who wish to have their babies on U.S. soil for the purpose of acquiring citizenship for them.

He said much of the business comes from non-Hispanic countries, including Saudi Arabia and Korea, to emphasize that the law is not intended to target Latinos.

Miller introduced the bill last year, only to see it stall in the Democratic-controlled House. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, chairman of the Judiciary subcommittee on immigration, is the lead sponsor this year. Miller is a co-sponsor.

Gonzalez said the bill has little chance of passing in the Senate, where Democrats still enjoy majority status, and called the effort a misguided attempt to politicize the immigration issue and drum up support from hardline conservatives.

Calvert said he was supportive of the idea, and said he would continue to press against illegal immigration, regardless of the political implications.

"I don't blame people who want to better their lives," Calvert said. "But it's up to us to uphold our laws."

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