Sunday, January 09, 2011

'Birther' arrested during reading of Constitution in House (Posted by Caleb, on January 6, 2011)

'Birther' arrested during reading of Constitution in House

The U.S. House, which was in the process of reading the U.S. Constitution aloud for the first time ever, was interrupted briefly today by a woman protester who shouted "except Obama" when the requirements for the person who occupies the Oval Office were read from the founding document.

According to reports, the woman was removed from the gallery.

A video of the sequence was posted on YouTube.

According to the video, a New Jersey Democrat, Frank Pallone, was reading Article II, Section 1, which requires that only a "natural born Citizen" be allowed to be president, the woman started shouting.

"Except Obama. Except Obama. Help us Jesus," she said.

Politico reported she was seated in the front row of the public gallery and was removed by an officer who said, "You're under arrest."

At, Dave Weigel reported he was told the woman was Theresa Cao. She is an avid supporter of Terrence Lakin, the former military doctor who challenged Obama's eligibility by refusing to deploy to Afghanistan.

When a judge deprived him of his right to discover evidence or present his arguments, he was court-martialed.

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