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Rialto OK's Use of Eminent Domain (San Bernardino Sun Jan. 23, 2008)

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It looks like Rialto's City Council is Resorting to land Stealing to make some more of the Apartments that will house Gangs and Crime shootings in the next five to ten years! So, they are pre-planning the area that they want to house the gangs in the city, by building these places, in the first place, now they are Stealing the Property that People have worked hard to get, at a time when they will not get what they paid for the property, That is Land Theft if you ask me!! Eminent Domain is something that is called Legal Land Snatching!!

BS Ranch

Rialto OKs use of eminent domain
Jason Pesick, Staff Writer

RIALTO - The city plans to use eminent domain if needed to expand an affordable housing project.

The unanimous vote Tuesday night by the City Council, acting as the Rialto Housing Authority board, will allow a 10-building, $14million expansion of the Willow-Winchester Revitalization project north of Base Line and west of Riverside Avenue.

"I think it's a good project," said Councilman Joe Baca Jr., who pointed out the neighborhood - home to a great deal of criminal activity - is close to Eisenhower High School.

There was no opposition to the vote, which will allow Rialto to purchase the buildings if it can't reach other agreements with the owners.

The city then plans to turn the neighborhood over to the Rancho Cucamonga-based National Community Renaissance, a nonprofit developer. The developer will renovate the homes and manage the community under strict rules.

The area's current residents will be able to stay in the project if their incomes don't exceed a certain limit, or they will be relocated. Residents will only be evicted if they commit a crime or violate the community's rules.

"So no one will be going homeless," said Rialto Housing Manager John Dutrey.

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