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Suspect Denies Killing Rialto Officer (Press Enterprise Oct. 21, 2007) Apartment Manager Held in Connection with death of Officer S. Carrara

BS Ranch Perspective

Any times that there is a SWAT ENTRY there is what is known as an ENTRY TEAM. The entry team makes the announcement that they are the Police, with a loud yell, and the instruction is for everyone to get down on the floor or get shot. The "Apartment Manager" is lucky that the Entry team started to Wrestle with him instead of shoot him to have him lay down on the ground.

But if this is the same kid that was around when I was Patrolling the fine streets of Rialto, his specialty back then was this Passive Aggressive Approach to the Police when it came to following Directions. Now if this was the same person he used to live in some Apartments in the 200 Block of N. Glenwood Ave. before they were purchased by the City and Redeveloped, Well if you would check out a couch to see if there was any weapons in it and ask him to sit down for HIS safety and the safety of the Officers that were in the House. This Suspect would just start to argue as to why he had to sit down. Why do I have to sit down and not the other party, if she as gathering things up to leave we would be keeping the peace, well rather then him sit down and wait for her to leave he would start to address would could and could not be taken, what was his and what was hers. etc etc...

It was all part of that Passive Aggressive Behavior that I was talking about, when the SWAT Officers made Entry into the APARTMENT they most likely ORDERED S-Thomas to the floor, on his stomach, with his hands out to his side. It is in this position where everybody is then Physically SEARCHED for WEAPONS, and HANDCUFFED for their SAFETY, and the SAFETY OF THE OFFICERS ON SCENE!! Once Everyone has been DETAINED in this Fashioned they are then IDENTIFIED by positive Identification, if there is a question of their Identity they are taken for fingerprinting to make sure that they are who they say that they are.

In this case I can see what happened right away. The Suspect (Thomas) was confronted by the SWAT Officers when they entered the door and told to get down on the floor on their stomach, but Suspect (Thomas) Refused, and Rather he get shot, to go down to the ground the SWAT Entrance Team showed a great deal of Restraint, and started to force Suspect (Thomas) onto the floor. However the more that the First SWAT Officer struggled to get SUSPECT (THOMAS) onto the floor, on his stomach, and be handcuffed, the more that he fought with the SWAT Officer (Carrera). It was this time that a Second Officer from the SWAT ENTRY Grabbed a hold of Suspect (Thomas), only after he had slung the AR-15 on his Back. However the more that the two SWAT Officers tried to get Suspect (Thomas) onto the floor the more he fought with his Passive Aggressive behavior, all so that Suspect Thomas didn't have to do what the SWAT Officers were telling him what to do.

It was at this time that one of the two SWAT Officers tripped up Suspect (Thomas) and got him partially down on the Floor, Suspect (Thomas) continued to fight and struggle, the SWAT Officers were rolling on the ground as much as Suspect (Thomas) was at this point, But Suspect (Thomas) Felt or saw an opportunity to get this whole fight to stop, and that IDEA WAS ABOUT TO BE TRIGGERED!! SUSPECT (THOMAS) LAID HIS FINGER IN THE TRIGGER GUARD OF THAT AR-15 and a BURST of TWO ROUNDS went out of the AR-15 ENDING THE FIGHT!! Not just in the Officers But in SUSPECT (THOMAS) BECAUSE HE KNEW WHAT HE HAD DONE!!


Passive Aggressive is something in the Academy that is taught that should be brought under control quickly, and it looks like it was being done so very quickly, but when there is EVIL IN ONE MANS HEART, THEN HE WILL SEEK OUT TO EXPLOIT JUST THAT, EVIL!! In this ALTERCATION that came about because of the PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE EVIL that The SUSPECT (THOMAS) Possessed, boiled to the top that day, and OFFICER SERGIO CARRERA JR. BECAME HIS VICTIM, WHETHER HE WANTED HIM TO BE HIS VICTIM OR NOT THAT IS WHAT HE BECAME. This is what happens when one is Passive Aggressive, It Makes VICTIMS OF PEOPLE or in this case a POLICE OFFICER WHO WAS SIMPLY DOING HIS JOB!!


BS Ranch

Suspect denies killing Rialto officer

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07:43 AM PDT on Sunday, October 21, 2007
The Press-Enterprise

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RANCHO CUCAMONGA - An apartment manager held in connection with the killing of a Rialto SWAT officer during a drug raid last week said in a jailhouse interview Saturday he was too busy defending himself from police Tasers to have shot anyone.

Jaranard Thomas, 32, is being held at the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga following the death of Officer Sergio Carrera Jr., 29, of Beaumont. Carrera was shot about 7 a.m. Thursday at the Rialto apartment of Thomas' girlfriend, Nashalla Bell. Carrera, a four-year veteran of the Rialto police force, died later that morning at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton.

Police would not comment on what Thomas said, saying only that the investigation indicated that he was responsible for Carerra's death. They also released new information that Thomas is wanted on a $100,000 warrant out of Mississippi.

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Thomas looked on Saturday like he hadn't slept in days. His hair was unkempt, his eyes red. He turned his head to reveal a nickel-sized area of stitches behind his left ear.

Thomas said the fact that he's alive is proof he didn't shoot Carrera. If he had shot a police officer, he would immediately have been killed himself, Thomas said.

"Don't you think they're gonna kill that person?" Thomas asked, eyes widening. "Don't you know I would have been dead? Not right here, dead. At the mortuary. Pancake and eggs, cooked."

He denied having guns or drugs in the apartment, and flatly declared he isn't a gang member, as police have indicated.

Rialto police Capt. Tony Farrar declined to comment on Thomas' statements, referring all questions to the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, which is investigating the shooting.

Arden Wiltshire, a Sheriff's Department spokeswoman, said Thomas' real name is Chris Wiggins, and he is wanted on a $100,000 warrant out of Mississippi for the sale of rock cocaine. Identified through fingerprints, his nicknames include "B-Duke" and "Short Dog," Wiltshire said.

"Our investigators have determined he is responsible for Officer Carrera's death," Wiltshire said, declining to respond to Thomas' remarks.

Thomas' mother gave him the nickname "B-Duke" as a young boy, Bell said. He has never gone by the moniker "Short Dog," Bell said.

Bell said she was in the kitchen of the small West Cascade Drive apartment early Thursday morning, preparing food for her 5- and 14-year-old boys, and the couple's 3-year-old son. Thomas became an immediate father figure to the two older children although they weren't his, Bell said Friday. The 5-year-old called him "Daddy" right away.

As Bell hustled to get the children off to school, SWAT teams were on the apartment complex grounds. The search warrant they carried indicated that rock cocaine, drug paraphernalia and weapons might be inside Apartment A. Thomas said he was lying on the couch in a light sleep when he heard a loud noise at the front door. He said he wasn't sure whether Bell was in the house, but all three boys were home. It was Devante's 14th birthday.

"I felt the cool breeze coming away from the door," Thomas said. "All of a sudden I hear, like, gunshots or something, 'pow, pow, pow'," Thomas said.

He did what he said anyone would do -- he ran, into his oldest son Devante's bedroom at the end of the hall on the right.

"If I'd have known it was the police, I would have laid there," Thomas said. "I'm not no violent person."

In Devante's bedroom, Thomas began to get Tasered, he said.

'I Couldn't Hear Nobody'

During Saturday's interview he rose from his stool and pulled up his orange jumpsuit to show what he said were Taser scars on his belly. Thomas then flailed his arms repeatedly to demonstrate how he was trying to fend off the shocks.

"When I got to the room, I couldn't see," Thomas said. Smoke bombs had been set off at the complex, but Thomas said he didn't know whether one had been set off in his apartment.

Bell said in an interview Friday in the couple's home that their 5-year-old son was crying and shouting for officers not to shoot, but Thomas said he couldn't hear that, or much of anything.

"I'm the one doing the shouting," Thomas said. "I'm like, 'ahhh!' I couldn't hear nobody. I'm the one in the room, on the floor, huddling."

While getting Tasered, Thomas said he heard two gunshots, but denied grabbing anyone's gun. It was inaccurate to characterize the scene as a scuffle, since all he was doing was trying to defend himself, he said.

Wiltshire said she didn't know whether Thomas had been Tasered. The San Bernardino County district attorney's office has scheduled an 11 a.m. news conference Monday to talk about the investigation, she said.

Thomas said he was taken from the apartment within five to 10 minutes, and hasn't talked to his children or Bell since. He asked how they were doing, and started to cry.

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