Monday, November 12, 2007

Rialto Utility Tax Extented (SB Sun Nov. 12, 2007)

Rialto utility tax extended

A measure to extend Rialto's utility tax for a five-year period appeared headed for approval early Wednesday.

With 31 of 38 precincts reporting, Measure A had the support of 63.6 percent of voters.


BS Ranch Perspective

With 31 of the 38 Precincts reporting, and the Measure U showing Support by 63.6% meaning that the Utility Tax has been passed for another Five years, I really HOPE That the Rialto City Council Will do Right this time, and not Waist the Utility Tax Money on things that are not Related to the Business of the of the City. I feel that they used a great deal of that money to fight the Police Department when they wanted the Sheriff's Department to take over the Law Enforcement!! Now with the Water Department looking at this huge money that is going out for this Perchlorate Suit, when they should have gone to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in the first place then they wouldn't have this law suit that is lining the pockets of Owens.

Owens is the one that wanted this whole Suit to begin with, and the City Council followed him pen and pencil in hand, now they are looking at a $28Million deficit, and most of that Money has gone into Owens' Pocket!!

Now The Promises that they made to the Police Department, and Fire Department a long time ago, should have been filled, which was that if the first Utility Tax was passed they would sign off on the 3% @ 50 Years of Age Retirement Program like the more then 97% of all Law Enforcement Agencies have gone to. The reason that Rialto cannot attract Experienced Law Enforcement Officers to Rialto is because they don't have the 3% @ 50 years of Age Retirement. If they had the 3% @ 50 it would bring a great deal more people of interest to the Department and they would be able to fill the open spots with Experience and not with people that are fresh boots out of the academy!! Without the 3%@50 the Boots that are coming from the academy are sure to leave after a short training time at Rialto, and then they will move on to another Department!!

BS Ranch

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