On the whole, changing the name of Cherry Avenue in Fontana to Speedway Boulevard is a good idea.

Sure, there would be some inconvenience and minor expense for those who live or run businesses on the street, but the long-term benefit to businesses and the greater community would outweigh those short-term problems.

The change would raise the profile of California Speedway, which is pursuing the name change, and make it a bit easier for out-of-towners to find the race track from the 10 and 210 freeways.

It could provide a bigger boost to businesses along the street, especially auto-related businesses that would gain higher awareness through the Speedway branding that would become part of their correspondence and advertising campaigns.

The speedway is the centerpiece of redevelopment efforts in the area, so it makes sense for nearby businesses - those that are on the street now and those that will open there in the future - to capitalize on their proximity to the Southern California and national landmark.

Admittedly, the change will be a hassle for residents who live on Cherry Avenue because they will have to make changes to their driver's licenses and their personal checks and notify those who correspond with them by mail. And for Cherry Avenue businesses that don't have a retail aspect on the premises, there's not much upside to counter the expense of changing stationary and business cards.

Even for them, though, there could be ancillary benefits in terms of better services and facilities if the name change would help spur the tax base through redevelopment, as Fontana Mayor Mark Nuaimi and San Bernardino County Supervisors Chairman Paul Biane think it might.

California Speedway has sent letters to its neighbors asking for their support for the new name. If there appears to be broad support, the track could ask the city and county to make the name change. After that, opposition from more than half the affected property owners would kill the idea, so those who are against it will have their chance to be heard.

We hope that most of the speedway's neighbors will see the value in changing Cherry Avenue to Speedway Boulevard.