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Fontana Officer Killed in Motorcycle Crash!! (Daily Bulletin Aug. 06, 2007)

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Being one that came close to loosing my life in a collision between a Motorcycle and another vehicle, it isn't much hope, but I just want to say that I am offering my prayers for the Molina Family, and for his extended family. I understand that he has two small children and that isn't going to be easy on them. The power of prayer works, I am a test to that! However in this case, God had a stronger calling for Jose Molina Jr., Stronger then his own family, and stronger then the Citizens of Fontana and surrounding area that trusted to keep them safe in the crime area that they lived.

I often go through the problem in my Life when this sort of accident happens. See, Officer Jose Molina Jr. was probably a great Officer with Fontana Police Department! The calling that God had for him was to probably to protect the gates of Heaven or the Walls of Heaven or the likes of Security for the Lord God. It was that I fought to hard to stay alive, and when God kept pulling my Heart to stop, the four times that he did, the prayers from my Family, Friends, and the People From the City of Rialto Prayed me back to life.

I am left now in this world with a Chronic Pain Disorder, and now I just pray and pray and pray for all the fallen Officers. They either, Pass while on a motorcycle, or in a car accident, while on duty or off duty! During my accident I had passed away five times, but the doctors and the paddles were able to bring me back to life. I credit the doctor's, however I cannot be blind to the fact that there was half of Rialto praying for me to live. Keeping that in mind, I have to give a very large credit to God, and the Spiritual side that was raised by the people from my Family, Friends, and the people of Rialto.

Because God Granted me a pass, I really wish I could give it up, and pass it on to Officer Jose Molina Jr. so that he could be left to raise his children. and tell them stories of his conquests in his life not just the ones that he had when he was a Police Officer. J. Molina and his family, My prayers are going out to you and that will be it. I am filled with sorrow for you and yours.

BS Ranch

Fontana officer killed in motorcycle crash

MAIT investigates a scene of fatal accident involving an off-duty Fontana PD officer and a big rig that happened early Monday, Aug. 6, 2007 near the intersection of Foothill Boulevard and Cherry Avenue in Fontana.(Mediha Fejzagic DiMartino/Staff Photographer)
FONTANA -- An off-duty Fontana police officer was killed in a motorcycle crash this morning.

Jose Manuel Molina Jr., 28, was riding a motorcycle east on Foothill Boulevard when he collided with a semi truck that was pulling out of a business lot.

The 2:30 a.m. crash occurred at the intersection of Foothill Boulevard and Cherry Avenue. Molinas died at the scene. It is unclear whether the other driver was injured.

The California Highway Patrol's Major Accident Investigation Team came to the scene at 2:50 a.m. to investigate the crash, said Officer Jeremy Pursley.

Officers shut down Foothill between Cherry and Mulberry Avenue.

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Anonymous said...

I am an extended family member of Jose's family. I am sure they all appreciate your prayers. Thank you for praying for them!