Saturday, May 05, 2007

Mayweather Wins Split Decision Over De La Hoya (Associated Press)

Mayweather wins split decision over De La Hoya
Associated Press

LAS VEGAS -- Floyd Mayweather Jr. wanted to give Oscar De La Hoya a beating. He had to settle for just getting a win. Mayweather won one of boxing's richest fights ever Saturday night by using his superb defensive skills and superior speed to take a 12-round split decision and win the WBC 154-pound title in his first fight at that weight.

The fight was billed as one that would save boxing, and while it didn't do that, it was an entertaining battle between two proud champions who fought hard from the opening bell through the end of the final round.

The fight ended with the sellout crowd on its feet roaring and two fighters trading punches wildly at the final bell. They then stopped and embraced each other.

Mayweather was favored on one scorecard 116-112 and 115-113 on a second. De La Hoya was ahead 115-113 on the third scorecard.'s Dan Rafael had Mayweather winning 116-112, as did The Associated Press.

In the end, Mayweather was simply faster and more slippery in a bout where neither fighter managed to hurt the other and neither went down.

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BS Ranch Perspective:

What gets me is that every time that Oscar De La Hoya Fights, at least the last five years, they have said that he is over, finished as a fighter! I have to say that I disagree with that prediction, because that guy was in great form and even George Forman was in the ring until he was Fourty!!

I know that Oscar Del La Hoya doesn't have to ever get into the ring ever again with the money that he collected from this fight alone. Golden Boy Productions, probably collected a half of a Billion Dollars on this fight alone. Not Bad for a boy from East Los Angeles. Not Bad at all!

Even if now he isn't even a U.S. Citizen or he has a Duel Citizen with his Very Large home in Ol' San Juan!

Congratulations to you Floyd!

On the other side of the coin, I hope that you are doing okay Oscar, and maybe now that you both have fought each other, you can look over the fight film, and get a new perspective on the fight, and ask for a Re-Match...

Sorry Oscar, Maybe Next time!

BS Ranch

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