Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mayor's State of the City Address (City of Rialto June 7th, 2007 $25.00 a head RSVP 909-820-2519) The City must be in great shape?

Mayor's State of the City Address

rialto seal The City of Rialto is hosting its Annual Mayor's State of the City Address on Thursday, June 7, 2007, 5:30 PM at the Tom Sawyer Pool Patio 1423 S. Riverside Ave. The Mayor's State of the City Address will be a video production that will highlight some of the major development projects in the City. The cost is: $25.00 per person. Please RSVP to (909) 820-2519.


BS Ranch Perspective:

Let me get this straight, This is a Public Address of the State of the City, and they are Charging a $25.00 fee to be able to sit in on the Mayor's State of the City's Address. I guess this must be common practice because I have not heard of the city holding a State of the City Address Before. Either that or the City is in such a Bad State that they need to charge a Fee to have people sit in on this affair to see just how bad the City of Rialto is.

The Mayor of Rialto is being Pimped out at $25.00 per person to hear just how good the City is, but I hope that no one looks behind the Curtain, if they have to charge a $25.00 Fee to hear the State of the City!! I kind of wonder if this is a performance or if the State is the real thing?

After all we pay to see a Performance, We Get to see Elected Officials For Free Every two weeks on Television, and when it comes to the most Important Speech that the Mayor of Rialto Delivers there is a Door charge of $25.00, that makes it a Performance. Remember this a PERFORMANCE is something that is written that doesn't necessary have to be the truth about the Actual State of The City of Rialto. I would believe the Politician more if there wasn't any door charge, and they didn't try to make money as this Says Quite a Bit About The State of Rialto!!

BS Ranch

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Anonymous said...

i lived in rialto for about 15 years, and im glad i moved out, butthis $25.00 per person event really made me laugh. Then i got really angry afterwards....