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Rialto Considers Farmers Market (Daily Bulletin 030707)

Rialto considers farmers market
Article Launched:03/07/2007 01:00:00 AM PST

RIALTO - City officials agree that the key to energizing downtown is getting shoppers on the streets, so they are talking with downtown business owners about holding a farmers market.
"It's a really nice project in a community," said Oscar de Leon, manager of the seven-year-old Claremont farmers market, which is held in that city's downtown on Sundays.

At the last Rialto downtown Business Improvement District Association meeting, Frank Roque, a representative of the Southland Farmers' Market Association, said he would like to locate a market at the corner of Rialto and Riverside avenues that would offer fresh products grown by local farmers. He also said the association would like to find a large building in the city to use as its home base.

The market, which would be similar to markets in Fontana, Palm Springs or Grand Central Market in Los Angeles, would probably not get off the ground until next year if approved.

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BS Ranch Perspective:

The last time that Rialto had a Farmers market the first few times they had huge crowds of people, and they started out a Success, but then the people that were there discovered that they could get the Produce and the other things that they were purchasing there for a whole lot less at Stator Bro's Market in the same city on their Shopping spree, and they didn't have to fight the crowds at the downtown Farmer's Market. We didn't have any fights or bad things happen. I think that out of one year and about two Wednesday's that followed the next season of Summer Fun, they cancelled it due to lack of participation and no money coming in. As soon as people was not making any money for produce sales they didn't come down for the Market at all. The only Farmers Market that was worth the time and effort was the Redlands Farmers Market, they had a very successful one.

BS Ranch

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