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Pedestrian Alert in Rialto (SB Sun 031107)

Pedestrian alert in Rialto
Drivers blameless in two deaths
Jason Pesick, Staff Writer
San Bernardino County Sun
Article Launched:03/11/2007 12:00:00 AM PST

RIALTO - Look both ways before crossing the street. Use crosswalks. And remember that cars have the right of way.
Sound like simple rules, but police say they bear repeating after two pedestrians were killed and another injured in the last two weeks.

"All three of them, the pedestrian was at fault," said Rialto police Sgt. Jim Kurkoske.

Police suggested to the City Council more time should be spent educating people about traffic safety, particularly school kids.

A 17-year-old high school student recently sustained moderate injuries when struck while crossing the street near the intersection of Rialto and Arrowhead avenues.

On March 2, a woman was hit crossing Foothill Boulevard near Willow Avenue. A few days earlier, on Feb. 27, a man was hit crossing Riverside Avenue near Etiwanda Avenue.

The two who died were both inebriated, Kurkoske said.

It's not a crime for a driver to hit a pedestrian if the driver is not at fault, Kurkoske said. But because the driver who hit the pedestrian near the intersection of Foothill and Willow drove away, he or she has committed a felony.

The driver was in a red, 1980s-style hatchback that might be an Audi, Kurkoske said. Anyone with information should call Officer Ron Russo at (909) 421-7200.

The two pedestrians who have been killed were the only pedestrian deaths this year. Last year, four died, Kurkoske said.

At Tuesday night's City Council meeting, Councilman Ed Scott asked Police Chief Mark Kling about what could be done to limit dangers.

"It's simple, and it's community education," Kling answered.

Kurkoske said pedestrians have to remember to enter the road legally, use crosswalks and keep in mind that cars otherwise have the right of way.

Avoiding being hit by traffic starts with parents teaching their children traffic safety and telling them not to play in the streets, he said.

BS Ranch Perspective:

Those Vehicle Vs. Pedestrian Accidents are bad to work. There are many bits and pieces of ground meat that is left on the pavement and it is not a great thing to work. There is some kind of thought that the Ped. Always has the right of way in the street which is wrong. The Car more times then not has the Right of way, and the Ped. Doesn't The exceptions are when there is a Cross Walk that is clearly marked with two marked lines and the Ped is walking within the two marked lines. The second is when you are walking against a Green Signal and a person Runs a red Light and strikes the Pedestrian as they are crossing against a green. Then the Car or Driver is in violation of 22350(a). failure to stop behind the limit line against the red signal.

BS Ranch

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