Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Sequester and Oil Prices.. by Steve Austin for

BS.Ranch Perspective:

With the Sequester might come the Lower prices for Fuel in this country!!  The reason that you ask is simple, the supply will go up, as the governments needs for Fuel goes down in the time that they are forced to cut their budget, all because of a move that was done by the Republicans during the last Ceiling raise of the Governments Credit Ceiling.. 

The good of this is that the price of Gas/Diesel can and will drop a little... I don't know where you are with fuel prices but for me it is killer... IF I can find fuel below $4.00 I feel like it is gold found in the bottom of a creek bed!!  Gold there for the panning, but if this fuel goes down to say $2.00 I might be able to do more with my life since I can possibly pay for the bills that I carry across from one month to the next via credit cards.. sad but true.. 

Lets hope for a minute that there will be the lower fuel costs as called for in this article.. 


The Sequester and Oil Prices By STEVE AUSTIN for OIL-PRICE.NET, 2013/03/18

Well, March arrived with 'the sequester,' didn't it? As you heard, on March 1, 'the sequester' swung into action with President Barack Obama signing an order to bump away $85 billion from the budget of Government agencies between March 1 and October 1, 2013. If there lurked some hope of a different budget plan with last-minute resolutions, what a pipe dream it turned out to be. Truth be told, the cuts in spending can axe away almost 0.5 percent from the economic growth of the months leading to October, according to the International monetary fund. To put things in perspective, unemployment figures have just showed signs of recovery. Nailed is the word. 

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