Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Battle: Los Angeles": Go SEE THIS MOVIE!! by Declaration Entertainment

'Battle: Los Angeles': Go. See. This. Movie. by Declaration Entertainment On the most recent addition of Take A Movie to Work over at Declaration Entertainment, Bill Whittle discusses the importance of this terrific action movie, which – MOST SHOCKING, EXHILARATING SPOILER ALERT OF ALL TIME – makes American soldiers, the best people our society has to offer, look like THE BEST PEOPLE OUR SOCIETY HAS TO OFFER! Missing are all of the clich├ęs we have come to expect from movies that depict our fighting men and women. There are no brooding loaners bemoaning the futility of war, no racist loud-mouth adrenaline junkies itching to kill anything they don't understand, the troops aren't victims of nefarious political posturing or trying to steal from the third-world… Even the relationship between Aaron Eckhart's battle-hardened Staff Sergeant Nash and the fresh-faced, just-out-of-school, naive Lieutenant is respectful and authentic. When the Lieutenant breaks down from his first exposure to the chaos of battle, there is no condescending moment of the wise-old enlisted man rising up to take command. Instead, Eckhart reminds the younger man of his responsibility, pulls him out of his own head, prompts him to make a decision, and then says "Yes sir." Every moment of this film inspires envy of the discipline, decisiveness, charity, and just general good character our military demands of its fighters. Plus, they kick butt. Lots of it. You know, according to German authorities, Arid Uka, the terrorist who shot and killed two US Servicemen last month, had recently viewed an Islamist propaganda video titled "American Soldiers Rape our Sisters!" Read The Full Story:

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