Sunday, August 29, 2010

Texas Resisting Obama Power Grab (Personal Liberty Digest) by Bog Livingston

Texas Resisting Obama Power Grab | Personal Liberty Digest

Sensing the political failure of the Left's environmental whacko
agenda of raising energy costs to cap emissions of a gas we all exhale
and that plants need to thrive — carbon dioxide — President Barack
Obama has instructed his Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to
rewrite its Clean Air Act and give itself authority it doesn't have.
Thankfully, one state is resisting: Texas.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot and Texas Commission on
Environmental Quality Chairman Bryan W. Shaw call the EPA's
actions an illegal power grab and in a letter to the EPA they wrote:

"In order to deter challenges to your plan for centralized
control of industrial development through the issuance of
permits for greenhouse gases, you have called upon each
state to declare its allegiance to the Environmental
Protection Agency's recently enacted greenhouse gas regulations — regulations that are plainly contrary to
U.S. laws… To encourage acquiescence with your unsupported findings you threaten to usurp state
enforcement authority and to federalize the permitting program of any state that fails to pledge their fealty
to the Environmental Protection Agency. On behalf of the State of Texas, we write to inform you that
Texas has neither the authority nor the intention of interpreting, ignoring or amending its laws in order to
compel the permitting of greenhouse gas emissions."

In an Op-Ed piece in today's The Washington Times, Texas state director of Americans for Prosperity Peggy Venable
writes that:

Federalist principles have allowed Texas to become the strongest state in the union. The Lone Star State
leads the nation in job creation, is the top state for business relocation and has more Fortune 500
companies than any other state and is the top state for wind generation. President Obama said he wants to
double U.S. exports in five years; he could look to Texas, as we are the top exporting state in the country.
The Obama administration could learn a lot from Texas.
Instead, it is attempting to ride roughshod over Texas, and it goes beyond the greenhouse-gas issue.
After 16 years of allowing Texas to run its own permitting program to meet Federal air-quality standards, in May the
EPA announced the state was not in compliance with Federal regulations. This despite the fact that Texas had met or exceeded its clean air obligations the entire time.

The Obama administration's agenda is simple: Grab more and more power from the States and consolidate it under
the Federal government. Thankfully, Texas will have no part of it.

If only the other 49 States will follow Texas' lead.

Bob Livingston is an ultra-conservative American who has been writing a newsletter for 41 years. Bob has devoted
much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as
nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset
protection and the preservation of freedom.

BS Ranch Perspective:

It looks that the "Right" State is taking on the President on all his take over of the local Government Control of their Jurisdiction!! I would say that President Obama might win, but with all the friends that he has made in the Supreme Court, especially after his State of the Union Speech where he called out the Judges in the Supreme Court!! The Justice was seen in the audience stating that what Obama was saying in his Speech was not a true statement!!

Looks like Texas just might set presidents and win against the West Wing!!

BS Ranch

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