Friday, June 25, 2010

National Debt.

Well it is that time to report that the national debt is increasing by 4.03 Billion Dollars a day!! the debt was currently at $ 1 3 , 0 4 1 , 8 4 7 , 0 3 3 , 1 4 6 . 3 9

And Growing with every second of the day, it is pretty scary that it is growing this fast!! For every American alive today their portion of this Debt is $42,257.69

I don't know about you, but I don't feel that I have spent this amount of money for any government issue, so how is it that the field us accountable for something that was done against my will, I didn't after all vote for the spending policies that have caused this debt in the first place...

Just wait, Yep, wait until that Helth Care Bill takes its effect on the National Debt, that will be something very scary to see!!

Now with that there was an article in "The Oval" that read as follows reference the National Debt: "Obama team makes if official: Budget deficit hits RECORD. by A LOT!

Oct 16, 2009

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