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The Power of the People and the Disgrace of the Media!! ( The Loft.. Posted by Bobby Eberle on 041609)

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The Power of the People and the Disgrace of the Media

Posted By Bobby Eberle On April 16, 2009 at 8:04 am

Thousands and thousands of people took to the streets on Wednesday to send a message. They gathered in groups large and small, waving signs, shouting slogans, and calling for real change. Was this a one-time event or the start of something bigger? I'll look at it further, but one thing is clear, in many places across the country, people had to brave the wind, rain, and cold in order for their voices to be heard... and they still showed up.

On the other end of the spectrum was the behavior of the so-called mainstream media. Their actions, comments, and coverage of the tea party protests were beyond unprofessional. They showed in one brief day that there is no such thing as journalistic standards and that they will do everything they can to belittle the voice of concerned Americans if that voice runs counter to their left-wing agenda. Pathetic.

First, the good news. The Tax Day Tea Parties were a huge success. Hundreds of protest rallies occurred on Wednesday, ranging in size from the hundreds to the thousands. From the reports I received, the energy level was tremendously high.

In Cincinnati, 700 WLW radio reported 7,000 people at noon time on Fountain Square. It is pretty big, and it was packed. No politicians speaking just some citizens. It looks like better than 25,000 people attended 12 events in Ohio.
Bill Kintner

The estimate I heard on the turnout in Lansing, Michigan was 4,000 on the Capitol steps/lawn. I ws there, the turnout was fantastic, and the natives are indeed restless!! Joe the Plumber spoke, as well as a few others, but perhaps the most important points made were to the effect that it's not Congress' job to keep an eye on Congress, it's OUR job!
Cheryl Singleton-Thompson

We had 5,000 patriots at Lagrave Field in Fort Worth, Texas! Governor Rick Perry was there and gave a rousing speech to the excited throngs of people! The amazing thing was the diversity of the crowd. There were a lot of vets, and I met two active duty Marines who were in uniform at the event. It was GREAT!
Billy Haas

I attended in Santa Clarita, CA. There were 1000+ I'd estimate. I talked to the organizers. They were simply ten people who were fed up. They all pitched in to get it going, and none of them were "professionals." Massive drive by support - we connected with thousands. Kids with families, empty nesters, young adults in attendence.
Mike Kennedy

We had about 6,000 in Sacramento. Great group of people, mostly first timers. The silent majority is waking up. Lots of great signs.
Bob Lackner

And now some pictures:

Oklahoma City, Samantha Votaw -- The turnout here was great. I'm not a great estimator, but it was more than 5000, could have been 7500, or so. Good stuff!

Ann Graper Manion -- They estimated 5000 people on the capital grounds. There were a lot of enthusiastic and passionate people. This kind of passion can truly bring about CHANGE!

Greg Henson -- It was a great turn out in St. Louis. Some estimates I heard were over 5,000. ACORN was a no-show. I walked around for over 2 hours and only found 1 lonesome counter protester.

Eric Scroggin -- From the Louisville, KY Tea Party

Michael Koffenberger -- From the Harrisburg, PA Tea Party

Becky Flowers -- Tremendous, awe-inspiring turnout! Jones Plaza was full! The overflow was spread all around the perimeter, into the streets. Channel 11 had a helicopter overhead.

Nancy Hite Duerstine -- We were at the San Angelo, TX Tea Party. We had a crowd of 1200! What a day!

It was often asked by some of the Fox News anchors last night about the meaning of the tax day protests. To me, the meaning is clear. People are fed up. They are fed up with taxes, fed up with spending, and fed up with having no voice. The other point that should be mentioned is that Americans from both political parties turned out on Wednesday. From reports I received, some speakers were booed if they got too partisan. The point? The point is that we've seen both Republicans and Democrats turn their back on the American people. Spending, spending, spending, and taxes, taxes, taxes. It is too much, and we've all had enough.

As my friend Shaun Barcelow commented, "I heard somebody on the local radio station suggest that attendees shouldn't bring their kids. Why not? They're the ones paying for it!"

Now, for the media. The coverage was pathetic... but not only that... it was how it was covered that really showed the complete bias and agenda-driven nature of today's "journalists." First, we have this clip from a CNN "reporter."

Anderson Cooper on CNN also carried on with a phrase that was echoed on MSNBC as well. Rather than referring to yesterday's events as tax day protests or tea party protests, these Cooper and others referred to the events as "teabagging" and the attendees as "teabaggers."

In this case, "teabagging" is a sexual reference, and I'll leave it to you to look it up. The main point here is that the media have thrown all credibility aside in the pursuit of their left-wing support for Obama and a socialist agenda. Just imagine if this had been an anti-war protest!

Yesterday, during the day, I was monitoring some of the news web sites to see what kind of coverage was being generated by the tea party protests. Around noon, there was nothing on CNN, MSNBC, or ABC. There was a story on the CBS web site about the tea parties, but it was not such much about the fed-up Americans across the country as it was trying to make the events some kind of Republican operation.

Many Americans are finally speaking out. We need it to continue. We need to keep up the pressure on both the media and Washington. There is so much at stake, and this is just the beginning.

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