Monday, March 30, 2009

OBAMA TO LEAVE PILOTS UNARMED (NEWSMAX.COM) Is this what you want in your safest world, the Pilot Might be your only hope to a safe flight!!


Obama Effort to End Armed Pilots Program Is an Outrage! 

A revelation by the Washington Times that President Barack Obama is trying to quietly end the armed pilot program, making air travel more vulnerable to terrorist attack, should outrage travelers, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said in a statement. 

"The Washington Times nailed it," said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, who proposed arming pilots just hours after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and championed the armed pilot program. "What Obama is doing is risking public safety, as the newspaper put it, 'in the name of an anti-gun ideology'." 

CCRKBA has brought pressure on this issue and the TSA is backing away and making denials about disarming pilots but according to an Airline Pilots Union statement the "Government representatives acknowledged that the program needs additional funding to achieve these goals." 

We Just Do Not Believe Obama or His Administration! 

We respect the airline pilots union who said they "met with TSA executives and were told in no uncertain terms that TSA embraces the FFDO program, that there are no plans to reduce or restrict its growth, and that in fact the agency fully intends to grow and expand the program." 

But Barack Obama has already deliberately and repeatedly lied to America's 90 million gun owners across the country when he insisted that he would not try to take away anyone's firearms and said "I'm not going to take your guns away."… "Lawful gun owners have nothing to fear …I think people can take me at my word." 

Even Eric Holder said Obama "knew he was lying to the nation…" about the ban on semi-automatic firearms Why should we believe that limited funding for the pilots program not already in the budget will be added. 

"I wouldn't take Obama's word if he said it rains a lot in Seattle."
Alan Gottlieb - Chairman CCRKBA 

BS Ranch Perspective: 

The trouble with this is that we have grown to know a security system that has been in place that has proven itself to be Safe in the skies, The Pilots have fought to get this so that if anyone should force that pilots door again, they would have means, to force them to their death before taking the lives of the potentially over 220 People that are on that flight to their death, along with the death that was caused by the Pilot in protection of their Cock Pit. It is terrible to think that the President of the United States is so Anti Gun that he takes the Safety of the American Public, in Jeopardy just because of his prejudice against the Gun! A Tool, that can be used to Thwart any Flight Take Over! Especially when the last line of Defense is that of the Pilot on board of that Airline! 

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