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Carjacker Arrested: Gunfight Erupts at Rialto Party (Press Enterprise Aug 25, 2007)

Carjacker arrested; gunfight erupts at Rialto party

10:00 PM PDT on Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Press-Enterprise

RIALTO - Police arrested a suspected carjacker Saturday morning after a chase from Rialto to Redlands, then returned to the original crime scene to find two groups shooting at each other at a large party.

One person was injured during the 20-minute span late Friday into early Saturday, suffering a graze wound to the arm in the shooting, Rialto police Sgt. James Gibbons said.

Officers first responded to the 900 block of West Valencia Avenue at 11:50 p.m. on reports of shots being fired near a party, Gibbons said.

They spotted a car matching the description of the shooter's vehicle, but it sped away when they attempted to stop it, Gibbons said.

Rialto and Fontana police and CHP officers chased the car nearly 20 miles on Highway 210, Gibbons said.

With the CHP closing in, the driver surrendered at Wabash Avenue and Interstate 10 in Redlands, he said. The 17-year-old was arrested, as well as his passenger, who is believed to have forced three females in the vehicle when it was carjacked, Gibbons said.

They were not injured.

The passenger, Trajun Davis, 19, of Desert Hot Springs, was arrested on suspicion of carjacking, kidnapping and making terrorist threats.

The juvenile driver was arrested on suspicion of carjacking.

Gibbons did not know whether the reported gunshots had been fired by the suspects.

Rialto police officers returned to West Valencia Avenue at 12:13 a.m., in time to see people in two cars shooting at each another.

The cars sped away before officers could make arrests, leaving behind the man with the minor graze wound to his arm, Gibbons said.

The party was dispersing and about 100 people were running from the area, Gibbons said.

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BS Ranch Perspective:

Another Great Job Supervised by my Reserve J. Gibbons. Well, it has been a long time since Gibbons was one of the my Reserves when I was a Reserve Coordinator, Now he has worked and worked his way up to Sergent, He deserves it , he works very hard and really has put his name to the position, supervising his shift. Obviously they are doing a great job or they would not have cleaned up the mess of the whole party and shooting. I just want to be one of the people that say GREAT JOB!!

BS Ranch

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